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Any Tutorials?

I'm a noob Linux user and I recently went full-time Linux. I want to use Alpine Linux for a self hosting project but I couldn't find much material. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial for Alpine setup and setting up a server for nextcloud and OpenVPN? Thanks in advance.

What is a nifty little feature modern gadgets have lost?
  • Did you even read the fucking page you're sharing you ignorant dumbell? There are 4565 votes are cast at the time of my reading in that linked articles pool. Out of that 61% said they don't care about the camera. 39% said it's most important. In what way this is about most technical users or majority of the users you lying ignorant bastard? Let's say this subjective pool is exactly representative of all the fucking smart phone users. How come 39% is the majority of the users? Your whole argument started with average users needing many cameras to have good pictures and turned into 24% of most technical users are wanting a good camera. Which is your argument you ignorant fuck?

    How hard it's to say that you like having many cameras and be done with that instead of giving these bullshit arguments and trying to prove something that's only true to your subjective case and hoping that I'm an idiot like yourself and can't see the difference between your bullshit and the reality?

    Why the fuck are you arguing about wide lenses, different lenses while they are different camera modules with different optics and they all have different specs and pixels counts. You talk about technical necessities yet you have no clue about what the fuck you're talking about. Most technical users my ass...

    Just arguing with you is making me lose IQ points. Please I beg of you kindly fuck off.

  • What is a nifty little feature modern gadgets have lost?
  • Thank you for proving me right. Thank you for useless arguments and thank you for thinking that 24% of android users are a proof that 100% of android phones should have unnecessary camera tech. And thank you for letting me know why we have so many cameras on our phones.

    It must be nice to have such an amazingly ignorant and stubborn mentality to just respond to what you think it's instead of the reality. I wish you a happy new year and never to be came across in this world with you.

  • What is a nifty little feature modern gadgets have lost?
  • You are either incompetent to understand what's written or you're deliberately trying to start a straw man style argument instead of coming up with a counter argument to what I'm saying. Since you took the time to wrote same bullshit under 3 different comments I'm guessing you're an incompetent ignorant ass who doesn't understand what's being said but argue about what they understand.

    First extra lenses are a very rare on smartphone/mobile phone cameras. it seems your ignorant ass thinks that all those came modules are different lenses... Secondly cameras on a phone is the result of social media and selfie craze not because people wanted to have good pictures of their grandchildren it their family. And lastly I don't care if they are as good as professional cameras because it's a fucking phone. I don't need it to have a fucking professional camera experience nor I want professional camera hardware on a fucking phone! Because it doesn't need that to function as a phone!!! Which part is this so hard for you to understand?

    You must be one of those idiots that wants smart TV, smart fridge, smart cattle, smart washing machine that doesn't work without an internet connection... To think that a phone having all these camera hardware is normal. You're just consuming what's pushed down your throat and justifying it to a point not ask why a phone has this many cameras but thinking that it should.

    And if you really that much into taking good pictures and photography than you're not seen average user are you? It's your own subjective needs that doesn't representative of what's a phone is... Like my need to have less cameras and removable/changeable batteries. So kindly please go have an intercourse with your DSLR capable many lensed camera phone and have a happy new year.

  • What is a nifty little feature modern gadgets have lost?
  • No one looks for one because they don't need it. Companies adding extras doesn't mean it's better for the end user nor they need it in case they are your in-laws and what good picturs of their grandchildren... Neither your bullshit argument about people don't look for range finders because it's already in the product.

  • What is a nifty little feature modern gadgets have lost?
  • Let's see my old ass Samsung note 4 took the same quality of pictures with one camera module. Without the need of the range finder, laser focuses and bazillion extra cameras with different lenses. Somehow it managed.

    Yes the average plebes like me doesn't choose the fucking range finder and you don't need bazillion cameras on your phone to took a decent picture. Your subjective experience with your in-laws doesn't change the fact that you don't need those extra bells and whistles.

    Those extra cameras doesn't bring ease of use or better picture quality neither your arguments in this discussion.

  • What is a nifty little feature modern gadgets have lost?
  • I don't use them and I'm pretty sure overwhelming percentage of the user base doesn't use them either. Because I've yet to see an argument I'm buying this phone because it has a range finder. All these extra cameras hardware are forced onto us because of the social media/selfie craze. As for your personal usage case I can understand you're using range finder and measuring options but they are not utilizing different cameras. They are using phone sensors like gyroscope, acceleration, gps and algorithms not your different cameras.

    As a side note you yourself admit that it's not something you needed but found out and did even trust it.

  • What is a nifty little feature modern gadgets have lost?
  • They are not interchangeable lens's though are they? They are literally different camera modules with different optics. When you're talking about a camera (not a phone) that makes sense. I'm not buying a camera am I? I'm buying a phone so all those optics and camera modules are forced on me to purchase when buying a smart phone. That's the state of today's smart phone market.

  • What is a nifty little feature modern gadgets have lost?
  • Nobody needs bazillion cameras, a range finder, laser focuses and shit that's needs to be in a professional camera hardware in a phone. You just need total of 2 cameras and a decent hardware. I don't want to pay for a extra N cameras in a phone.

    Also what the fuck happened to changeable batteries. I had a Samsung note 4 and used that shit until 2019 when I broke it ( had some anger issues that year). Waterproof dust proof excuses can go have an intercourse with their phones. I used that phone in 6 different countries and all kind of weather nothing happened to it.

  • Turkey steps up airstrikes against Kurdish groups in Syria and Iraq after 12 soldiers were killed
  • This and instead of working with Turkey who is a legitimate partner in fight against terror, US decided to arm the very terrorists whom they listed in their own terrorists list to utilize in the region. In response to Turkey's objections in a serious announcement US said "look these guys are not the same guys as PKK, they call themselves a different name PYD/YPG/SDF whatever" even though they use the same flag, same leaders, same ideology, same figthers and see Turkey as the enemy. In the coming years Turkey's NATO membership and US relations is gonna get more and more strained.

  • ListenToThis BurnedDonutHole

    Ummet Ozcan & Otuyken Altay


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