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"If Christianity is man made, why does everything about it go against man’s desires? Atheists can't answer this question" ...but they Can
  • You mean they have no problem following those rules that are not specific to a religion and are (in some form or another) necessary for a civilized society. But the rules that define Christianity are more or less meaningless to someone not following it, and a lot of Christians are pretty loose about them as well. "No idols"? "No other gods"? "Keep the sabbath holy"? "Don't use god's name in vain"?

    The "trick" about religions is that they are part necessary rules and customs that keep society going, and then they mix in their own, and that conglomerate keeps people bound to a religion and religions around even in "enlightened" times when people should be aware that those rules are not anything divine.

  • Pew: Even amid high turnout, less than 40% of Americans voted in all three most recent national elections
  • In other words, third party candidates could win, ending the dictatorship of the winner that's the automatic result in a democracy with only two options (or a stalemate where nothing gets done if two government bodies are controlled by opposing parties.)