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It's been fifteen years. - The Oatmeal
  • Hilarious.

    “This site is trash and makes tons of unsourced claims.”

    “Well, this is only ONE of the MYRIAD sites I COULD have given you. It was somehow more “convenient” for me to give you this one than any of the other reputable sites to which I’m referring.”

  • Using Tax Loopholes to Fix Potholes with Amazon Resources
  • I admit I never read the article because this douche-nozzle comes across as too self-satisfied for my tastes. I watched him game the restaurant rankings and have never found him compelling again.

    I just wanted to counteract the dumbass that responded to the first commenter.

    Now that you’ve summarized the thing for me… isn’t that just straight up theft? That sounds less clever iconoclast and more just common or garden criminal.

  • "Gay furry hackers" have released two gigabytes of data swiped from the Heritage Foundation, the radical right-wing group behind Project 2025.
  • Going on just this article, this is a total nothing burger.

    The headline says they’ve released the data, the article then quotes the hackers as saying the data is “useless” and won’t be released.

    The Project 2025 mouthpiece says they got hold of a 2 year old archive and nothing of value of lost.

    The story is a non-starter and this article in particular is a long draught of hot garbage juice.

  • me_irl
  • I have the perfect mental image of this guy spouting these intensely opinionated run on sentences until he starts to run out of breath, and his face starts to redden and his voice starts getting higher and higher like a cartoon chipmunk about to burst… and just when I’m about to ask him if he’s okay he pauses to take this ENORMOUS RASPING BREATH 🤣

  • Mark Strand: Eating Poetry

    One of my all-time favourites from one of my all-time favourites.