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Now, We Beat Trump.
  • This will be the Trump campaign's messaging tactic - try to divide and undermine party unity by suggesting Harris doesn't deserve the spot. The friction between Clinton and Sanders supporters likely handed Trump the presidency so expect Republican astroturfers to come out of the woodwork seeking to promote a bitter contest for this nomination.

    Everyone with an ounce of sense knows there isn't time or money to speedrun another primary season between now and the general. Harris is still at this point an underdog and we need the entirety of party resources focused on Trump and the MAGA agenda. Even Whitmer, who would be my first choice and who probably does have national ambitions, has been clear that she is putting country before ego.

    This is not the moment to screw around letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. We need solidarity to have a hope in November.

  • ‘Death Occurs in the Dark’: Indie Video Game Devs Are Struggling to Survive
  • As I get older I find I just don't even have the time for AAA games. Other than Elden Ring, I haven't played a AAA game in goodness knows how long. 80-100 hours of playtime is basically a year-long commitment.

    I love that there are so many indie games that offer a more compact experience and seem easier to put down and pick back up. Much more my speed these days.

    I agree though that we're at a point of oversaturation. Steam is full of shovelware and barely discernable clones of crafting-survival games. But I hope the studios doing interesting work are able to survive this period so we can continue to benefit from their creativity.

  • France: A left-wing coalition unexpectedly surged and the far-right National Rally fell short
  • Exactly right. The left/center share didn't surge relative to 2022 - it fell by 13%. Meanwhile RN surged by 60% in its share of seats.

    So it's reassuring in the near term that the center-left "surged" relative to initial polling, but in the longer term it is quite concerning that the far right is actually the segment gaining ground.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • My trans friends are what keeps me committed to voting Biden no matter how disappointed I am in him. Things are already really scary for them right now and I can't be complicit in making them worse, even through inaction.

  • Advice Needed: How to get immunotherapy treatment in a rural area where the clinics do not administer the shots?
  • Agreed, the drops under the tongue are a lot easier to do at home than the needles. Though I'm not sure about delivery - for whatever reason my allergist always required me to pick them up in person from his office. Not sure if that's regulation or just a quirk of that one practice.

  • Is lemmy now what reddit used to be 10+ years ago?
  • The humor reminds me of early reddit. Very needy. Lots of Star Trek, Stargate and Linux. Of course there are a lot of differences too, but it does feel a little closer to the original techie reddit base.

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