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Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • And I suppose you're the only one of those around, right? So why tear into people about the state of the US if, by your own admission, it's probably a lost cause? There have to be better ways for you to kill time until the end.

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warns anti-Biden Democrats about what comes next if they succeed
  • I live in deep red country, and work in a deep red career field, a lot of today's Trumpers have never forgiven Obama for being black, popular, and competent. They took it personally. Harris is going to mobilize the fuck out of them.

    I think she's the right pick, I think she can govern well, I'm voting for her 100%. But the Dems need to be prepared. This was a dammed if you do, dammed if you don't situation for them. But replacing Biden isn't even a fraction of the work they're gonna have to do, and AOC is on point for speaking up about it.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Not that I don't agree with you, but do you really think the elderly edgelord forum warrior shtick is the best play? Taking a point from your own posts, is it really a good idea to post content online that might alienate potential allies? Food for thought.

  • Fucking uneducated internet atheists
  • So, basically your argument is that because you were once an athiest and have now found religion you're uniquely qualified to dismiss other athiests without an actual rebuttal of their arguments.

    I call troll.

    Good day, Sir.

  • Right-wingers are now raging at a farm supply store – because they have LGBTQ+ staff initiatives
  • The problem is that the more you fight change, the more you change things. Your movement becomes more and more focused on resisting change, and less focused on preserving any good qualities it once had. It's an inescapable bit of futility, hard coded into the human condition.

  • GOP candidate demands Brittney Griner get sent back to Russian prison
  • Seems like they adopted the world fucking, transformed it, and diversified it into new areas. World fucking used to be about war, finance, manufacturing, and pollution. Now it's about war, finance, media, fashion, manufacturing, the internet, politics, tech, society, food supplies, religion, pollution, and making the rich feel better about themselves.

  • Everything must be a subscription service
  • Most of those things were products of earlier times, when our economic system and industries were more regulated and had a larger number of competitive entities. "Innovation" now is just more cupholders in the RV to put your chicken fries in. All flash, no substance. Everything is an AI wearable tacked on to something else we've already had for years.

    EV battery tech, there's some decent work being done there. A few other niche cases like that. But the rest is one big fucking con game. It's all a race to find out how much money you can gouge out of people before the system just breaks.

  • Everything must be a subscription service
  • I feel that the majority of innovation occuring in modern capitalism is confined to two key areas:

    1. Regulatory capture and market control.

    2. New ways to mindfuck people into overpaying for goods and services.

  • Earbuds recommendations?
  • Seconded.

    I've got a pair of Skullcandy Mods. The sound quality is decent but not stellar, battery life is good, charge time is good and they feel pretty solidly made. Pretty good deal for $40 on Amazon.

    I previously had some of their ANC overears that while not spectacular, were much better than I expected given the price point.

  • They Didn’t Teach Us That In History Class: The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre
  • I did learn about it while attending highschool in Tulsa back in the 90's, but having talked this over with other Oklahomans online and in person, it seems hit or miss as to wether or not it was taught. It should have been mandatory curriculum IMO.

  • Linux is still not ready to replace Windows
  • That's pretty much it.

    There are plenty of user friendly Linux distros out there and a bunch of them can serve as a daily driver for general computing. What's more, the learning curve isn't that steep and you can find tons of solid guides and tutorials out on the Internet.

    But if Windows is working and you don't care about the privacy issues, ads, and it's general downward direction in user experience, there's no motivation to switch.

    Sadly, the whole "Linux is only for power users and nerds" misconception is going to stick around until Windows becomes all but unusable for most people.