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Trump rally shooter Thomas Crooks was registered as a Republican
  • This isn't even necessarily true. I lived in PA for a while and during primaries they can "temporarily" enroll independant voters into a party. They then unenroll you once voting is over, it's to prevent you from being able to vote in both primaries. You do not "have" to be registered with a party year round to vote in a primary in PA. They'll switch you over day of and switch you back after.

  • To the HR and recruiting professionals or anyone familiar, do background checks of potential employees usually rely on profiles data brokers have compiled on them?
  • The background companies we go through here in the US aren't "random people" and you sign a release of that information for them when they start that background check. So you've given them permission to access that info on you. I don't know what HRs your dealing with but if it's random hiring managers asking you then they have no idea what's in a typical background check anyway.

  • To the HR and recruiting professionals or anyone familiar, do background checks of potential employees usually rely on profiles data brokers have compiled on them?
  • Most big background check service companies are checking your criminal history directly with the court houses of where you've told them you've lived. Many will also verify your past employment directly with those companies as well. Depending on the company/job title they may also be checking your credit score/bankruptcy history or verifying degrees with universities as well. They don't care about what data brokers have on you because they're getting verification on things directly from official sources.

    I don't know if you're worried that your too "locked down" privacy wise for a background check to clear? I wouldn't worry because if you're using your countries equivalent of a SSN and living "on the grid" but not online at all they'll still be able to get the info they need/want anyway. I've had employees who didn't even have emails or own phones/computers clear background.

  • I suffer from this thing called object permanence
  • So object permanence is way more extreme than what most people with ASD or ADHD experience. You can demonstrate a lack of object permanence in young children by presenting them with a toy and then covering the toy with a blanket, while they child is watching. The child will react as if the object is gone and be unable to find the toy. It's at some point in the toddler phase where most children pick up object permanence. For example you'd expect a 4 year old to lift the blanket they saw you place over the toy.

    With ADHD it's an attention/working memory issue. I'd expect an ND adult to know to look under the blanket they saw placed over an object immediately after it happened. Someone without object permanence couldn't do that. It's why peek-a-boo is a fun game for babies but not ADHD adults.

  • Landlords are NOT PEOPLE!!!
  • So the definition of literacy that they use for those stats is a super low bar. Like the bar is lying on the ground. The National Assessment of Adult Literacy defines literacy as "the ability to use printed and written information to function in society, to achieve one's goals, and to develop one's knowledge and potential." That's not a high bar to clear and the literacy rate, in the US at least, is still only about 80%.