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Zelenskiy accuses Viktor Orbán of betraying Europe at leaders’ meeting in UK
  • In short:

    • In the beginning he won an election with supermajority, since than they changed election rules so it's harder to get them removed (rules favor the single strongest party, so they can be beaten in 1v1 only, but the opposition has several parties)
    • Many young people who had enough left the country, but it got harder to vote if you emigrated
    • They introduced a public work program that local mayors use to threat people to vote for them
    • Orbán realized that leaders in the EU stopped believing him, so he made new friends with Russia, Kazakhstan, etc
    • He uses the only power he has - he can pose as the leader of an EU county legitimizing these autocracies, and
    • vetoing EU decisions un favor of his New friends
    • EU was created with a good faith, a county cannot be kicked out
    • So the only lever they have is closing the money tap that would dry up his guild of thieves - that is happening right now
  • Windows updating just before thesis defense
  • These are nice, but on the other hand there's the case where you have a limited time slot somewhere and windows randomly decides that it's time to update, pop up a window to upload your data to "the cloud", reboot, and bang, you're f*cked.

  • Putin starts tactical nuke drills near Ukraine
  • What I don't get is why anything these guys are saying makes the news. It's changing every day, and it's always a lie. They know it, everyone else knows it, it doesn't make any sense to write about it.

  • Free-Market Advocate, Elon Musk, Asks for U.S. Government to Put Tariffs on Chinese EV Imports
  • I don't mind bashing Musk for a second, but as far as I know China follows a startup mentality with electric cars - the government supports the industry so they can sell cars below their actual price, and once they killed all their competition they can increase.

    There's no fair winning against this policy

  • Love me some arbitrary executed code /s (Plasmoids are not themes)
  • You can have a computer with multiple users, one prefers gnome, the other kde. Say, they also want to access the computer through cnc, but these are too slow for that, and one prefers windowmaker, the other enlightenment. It works just fine. You can run all these four at the same time.

  • NVIDIA make it easier to get GeForce NOW on Steam Deck
  • I strongly disklike any subscription, but having to choose between paying for a high-end gaming rig that I rarely have the opportunity to use and paying 10$ or so for renting a cloud VM instance for the few months I get through a game, I choose the latter. Also, upgrading hardware is somebody else's problem.

  • Transphobes are doxxing Stardew Valley fans after they asked the game developer for pronouns
  • As far as I know (not kuch actually) there are some tries to slightly reform German (DoktorInnen and alike), and maybe even Spanish where in a group with mixed males& females you'd target them with male pronoun and seemingly that makes some people sad.

    It's indeed not an issue with Hungarian, although I've seen a party invitation online that decided that it needs to be inclusive, so the spoken language should be English, and THEN they complained about pronouns. Weird.

  • ...
  • I was looking for this comment. It's unfortunate that Julia basically dies in the shadows of python, in some sense it's much more logical, out at least f ing print and division doesn't change between versions

  • AI chatbots tend to choose violence and nuclear strikes in wargames

    As the US military begins integrating AI technology, simulated wargames show how chatbots behave unpredictably and risk nuclear escalation

    AI chatbots tend to choose violence and nuclear strikes in wargames

    Did nobody really question the usability of language models in designing war strategies?


    How easy is to get a prepaid SIM-card in the US for travel?

    I'm visiting for two weeks and roaming prices are insane, I'm considering getting a prepaid SIM-card. Can I easily grab one in any shop, e.g. at the airport/Walmart? What are the prices? Unlimited data would be nice, but I can survive with a few GBs too, I'd probably need it mainly for navigation.