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A new trolley era
  • Autopilot turns off before collision because physical damage can cause unpredictable effects that could cause another accident.

    Let's say you run into a wall, autopilot is broken, the car thinks it needs to go backwards. You now killed 3 more people.

    I hate Elon Musk and Teslas are bad, but let's not spread misinformation.

  • Ideas for a federated anime tracker
  • It worked well with Plex when I used it, but like you said it depends on your setup. I think Shoko only needs access to your anime Library folder, and Plex will just ask Shoko for metadata on localhost the same way it would for tvdb.

    I personally swapped to jellyfin and it's great. The main appeal of shoko for me is renaming and sorting my files automatically when I place them in my import folder.

  • Google lays off staff from Flutter, Dart and Python teams weeks before its developer conference | TechCrunch
  • I am not familiar with AWS apis. Probably Java was more suitable for this task then, as it often comes down to how good the documentation and tutorials are for the task and how many people use it. Like you said bad documentation is a big issue.

    I can also see how they could struggle with python dependencies, which I guess is the reason why they struggled setting up flask. With a java project you can just nuke everything from scratch and reinstall the correct compatible packages. But with python global dependencies (without env) you cannot get around the issue like that. That makes it harder for beginners. (But for intermediate give me anything but maven please).

    Maybe Python flask wasn't't the tool for the task here, but I still think it's overall better and especially faster to use for most things.

  • Re:Monster - Episode 5 discussion
  • I had classic Goblin Slayer like rape in mind, but yes you're right, that's 100% Stockholm syndrome which is still rape.

    The "kidnapped for procreation" part happened, but it was stopped by the MC.

    It also happened before the MC was born (MC was born from rape).

  • What animated film or tv show is this?
  • Exactly the same, I still love Tales of Earthsea. It has its issues compared to the book, but it's still great. My conspiracy theory is that it's a plot by Hayao Miyazaki fans to discredit his son since the father didn't like it.

    I really liked Under Ninja recently. Everyone's been shitting on the adaptation because it looks weird, telling to read the manga, but the manga is just as weird. The adaptation is really keeping the same vibe.

  • Re:Monster - Episode 5 discussion
  • I read the web novel ages ago, and I think its second part was more city/empire building? A bit like slime but more serious with a psychopath as the main character.

    There's no rape here but it definitely looks like a wish fulfilment op mc harem as of now.

  • Quality rule
  • I still think it's way better than sweetened drinks, since it has the same downsides but obviously without the sugar content and calories.

    But yeah I never thought about it increasing hunger, which indeed is bad. I personally don't drink soda, but for those who do it's an important thing to consider

  • Canadian food banks are on the brink: ‘This is not a sustainable situation’ |
  • I'm one of these students, I would never throw out food, same for all my friends here. It's hard enough without wasting.

    And I don't like the idea of "stealing from hungry Canadians". We all know who the real thieves are, and it's not people going to food banks.