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[Serious] Why do so many people seem to hate veganism?
  • Its because they ran into the loudest, most annoying vegans.

    IDK how, maybe different areas have more militant vegans, or maybe they just roll with negative stereotypes and the algorithm bs that lets the worst folks float to the top of their media feeds.

    I've actively sought out vegans because they have great advice on dietary restriction resources and as long as you're respectful of their choices, they've been consistently so willing to share.

    And they also really love a good breakfast, in my experience, like the local vegan group has just pages of discussion on good vegan donut resources.

  • Somehow (through no fault of my own) I was not fired today...
  • Hey, thanks so much for doing this.

    There's a couple people in my life I've really, really worried about, but who put off actually doing anything responsible with their firearms while they were/still are going through such inner turbulence.
    Its weighed on them, and even though I've tried to be respectful about how I express my concerns, I worry that my being concerned weighs on them, too, but it means so many things- having to admit to problems, face them, call attention to them, face financial repercussions, etc.

    I don't know you, but I'm so extremely proud of you.

    This is one of those things that should be common sense behavior, but is actually an incredibly difficult action to take. It says so much of you as a person.

    Even if you can't be Happy, being a person with that kind of integrity is something you should allow yourself to appreciate.

  • ADHD parents: how do you help your ADHD kid with homework?
  • have you tried something to focus before starting a task?

    I like a small bit of a not very addicting game before I start something, so I can get in the zone, and assess where my head is.

    Just an easy sudoku or bejeweled- something you can knock out in under a minute. I started doing this around 14ish and it helped with school a lot.

    If they're younger, you being there to keep them on track is important, but asking them to assess how they feel based on that little game could be a great self assessment tool.

  • When was the last time you felt helpless in life?
  • All the alcoholism in both sides of my family, and I'm fretting about my liver, when I'm taking less than the recommended dose of a prescribed medication that could change my life if I could take more.

    And I'm on a COPD inhaler and I've never touched any death sticks at all.

    Life isn't fair, I 100% feel you.

    I also literally felt you when they put me on amitriptyline and that gave me hbp and they kept trying to act like it wasn't that big a deal- that with all my other health problems, my blood pressure would start getting off, and I'd have stress, yadda yadda.

    It really does feel physically horrible, especially the headaches and sleep issues.

    My biggest advice is to never be afraid about a second- or third or fourth opinion with your health, and be gentle but persistent with your goals.

    Its the art of pushing without breaking.

    Now, this is the experience for me and some unhealthy overachievers, so take the following with a grain of salt:

    A lot of times people with underlying health issues actually function their whole lives by pushing until they crash, but hide their crash, and just assume everyone else hides the meltdowns/16-hour sleeps/weekly puke sessions/etc too.

    If that happens to describe you, then you're going to need to get comfortable with giving just 25% effort in a lot of things until you can safely figure out how to actually not hurt yourself.

    I'm serious.

    Step out of your skin, and treat yourself as you would your precious little sibling or something. Dote on yourself.

    Aaand I've typed too much. It gets my own stuff going. But good luck.

  • What's the most expensive thing you broke as a kid and what's the story behind it?
  • My phone in school. It was a smartphone, back before smartphones were quite the norm, so it was a big deal, and I was in another state as a minor, so I did need a phone. There was some two for one deal, so my parent got theirs and mine, so it wasn't quite so bad, but it was technically a pricy bit of tech.

    Campus was on a hill, so I stumbled and dropped it while walking down the stairs.

    I think it would translate to, like, five stories of stairs if it was in a building and not on a hill?

    It never went into the grass, just kept bouncing down stairs. 🤦

  • Fallout London's project lead is not taking the surprise drop of Fallout 4's update well: 'That has, for a lack of a better term, screwed us over'
  • IMO that was super sudden.

    Usually these things come with a lot of wind up, and I say this as a consumer.

    Even without the context of this mod drama, I did a double take when I heard about the new stuff because its release date was so soon from the announcement

  • What is a command you accidentally taught your pet?
  • Yeah, the doggy door bell turned into the "Attention" bell instead of the "Outside" bell for a while for us.

    Then when she realized we made her go out every time, she stopped using it and went back to a little wuffle.

  • What is a command you accidentally taught your pet?
  • My dog responds to swear words by doing the kinds stuff you see emotional support dogs do in videos- press on your chest, give you kisses, nuzzle your face, etc.

    Except she's small, blind, and a bit... intense, so she kinda launches into you if you're sitting, with some intense affection.

    IDK why. I guess we don't swear very often, ao when we do, its special, and we swear with enough gusto for her to think we're very, very upset.

  • A web search tip to avoid AI generated SEO junk
  • I feel so bad for the younger folks these days.

    Way back when, if Google couldn't find it and we did some good Google Fu, it probably wasn't readily available online.

    Now, you know it probably is there, just buried in nonsense generated purely by layer after layer of people's selfishness. And they never even knew it could be any other way.

  • Removed by mod
  • I just had something like this happen when I was posting a macaroni recipe on Discord.

    Folks assumed I was posting some bad stuff because Discord used recipes when they censor vile and virus-laden links, apparently.

    Who knows how long people thought I was posting bad stuff; I love sharing recipes x.x