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  • THE Pheobe and Godog!?!? The ones that flipped doggy heaven on its head as soon as they got there with their adrenaline and thrill seeking feats of bravery!?!? They jumped 38 dog houses on a dog bone shaped rocket wagon! They hold the record for lifting the biggest stick AND they found THE coolest rock at the bottom of Lake Doge. Trampoline, Trapeze, High Dive, AND Giant cannon shows. On top of being friends to every orphan they still have time to hold the Tag Team tug of war championship collars. You are the human to Legends!

  • There must be some other word for a tiny human, but I can't place it...
  • I think the problem here is you are arguing giants are in their legends and OP is arguing giants aren't real. You don't disagree with each other but are defending your position because we are on the internet and that's just how it goes

  • 90's Music Beldarofremulak

    splack pack - Scrub Da Ground [1993]

    Round and round we go