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Hiking in the Lake District. Cumbrian. Sailing the high seas.

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'Horrific' violence at UCLA after counter-protesters attack pro-Palestinian camp
  • I was sat down reading this and still ended up on the floor in pure shock.

  • Get railed in a sundress season
  • I'll keep you company, I laughed

  • Have you replaced any British words with their American versions?
  • I'm not even sure if I'm honest. NW England, my shits a mix of English, Cumbrian, Yorkshire, Scottish, Madeupish .. No doubt some American words in there that have snuck in like a bad smell.

  • Microsoft is working on an Xbox AI chatbot
  • Fucken can't wait to hear it tell me how it's gonna bang my mum in 31 different ways and that I'm shit at video games.

  • Greater Manchester man fighting for Vladimir Putin in Ukraine exposed
  • Imagine having more chin than fucking brains. Absolute degenerate cunt.

  • The next pandemic? It’s already here for Earth’s wildlife
  • Genuinely. I've been conditioned at this point now to just consider the bottom line before reading further into any article about the environment and the animals we share earth with. In fact no, it's not even exclusive to that.. Just anything really. If it's gonna effect someone's bottom line (that isn't the usual public) you can guarantee it won't happen.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 playable for free this weekend on PS5, Xbox Series X/S
  • Being from North West of England I felt this. Shit, I'm still looking forward to this dialup tone people are nostalgic for. We get our Internet via pigeons at the moment.

  • To buy no longer means anything :(
  • I've paid my upvote tax

  • UK Trial: Pornhub's Chatbot Halts Millions from Accessing Child Abuse Content
  • Lemon party was a bunch of old naked dudes sat in a group i think.. Mightve been involving themselves with each other? It's been a fucking loooong ass time since I got shown that and meatspin at school lol

  • English may be a hot mess but at least we don't have to worry about this nonsense
  • I'm so confused. As a northerner from England with an IQ equal to the ply of toilet paper I use, does every object in French have a feminine or masculine alignment? Or is this some kind of joke privvy to those who don't have a concerning interest in sheep?

  • Amount of fraud in UK more than doubled to £2.3bn in 2023, report finds
  • I don't doubt it. When you include the cost of a loaf of bread, fuel or a freddo it soon slaps up the amount of fraud going on.

  • Diablo 4's new mount costs more than the actual game
  • I'm sat down and still fell over with shock.

  • TIL: There is a sculpture with four cryptic passages in it that stands outside the CIA's George Bush Center for Intelligence in Virginia
  • The 4th is the colonels secret recipe and a list of the 13 different herbs and spices.

  • New Jan. 6 footage appears to show rioter firing a gun in the air during Capitol attack
  • You little bastard get down off that scaffold and give me the shooter, fucking going bed without supper. No, I don't want to hear it - you're not playing out with them again.

  • Kaliningrad Governor Blames Immanuel Kant for Ukraine War
  • I blame 2 ply toilet paper.. And Putler.

  • Do we have anything to be concerned with from the Lemmy compromise?

    I'm still not entirely sure how all this magic works but would I be correct to assume it's only thread data that's transfered across the fediverse? And because Kbin is Kbin, it shouldn't have the exploit the Lemmy software has right?

    Appologies if this seems stupid - it's a genuine question


    My miniature yorkshire terrier, Lilly, looking particularly proud today.