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Invoking hispanic wrath
  • It's a special cooking method. We get in our car, drive to that hipster joint that has the fancy tacos and ask for the 'fried avocados'.

    I tried making them myself after that and pan fried worked well, but taco place is still way better. I think deep fried might be too much and stir could be problematic.

  • I'm A Muslim Vet Who Was Bashed For Touching Dogs. But It's My Passion & Duty To Treat Them | WeirdKaya
  • Realistically, this is what happens when your spiritual leader tells everyone to maybe wash their hands a bit more often and then holds up his cat and talks about how they clean themselves. Then, you add a thousand or so years to let that develop and let people fight over it.

  • Star Citizen is free this week, if you'd like to try it
  • It's always felt like the world's fanciest microtransaction fueled cell phone app to me but just on a PC. There is something there, but it's not what the ads make it look like and you'll have to pay a lot to even get close.

  • We're cooked...
  • The prediction markets and gambling odds for the race have all swung drastically after the attempt. If Biden was going to win, betting on it now would net you a pretty good chunk of cash. Biden isn't even predicted to have a good chance of winning the popular vote at the moment.

  • Musk Donates to Trump, Tapping Vast Fortune to Swing 2024 Race
  • He'll turn back to the left as soon as the he gets too clingy with his current audience and they turn on him.

    Musk is worse, he doesn't care about his political leanings, he only cares about where he can have the most people simping for him.

  • Academic Indoctrination
  • If they're over 60 also trying to take credit for major sports players.

    "Well, if it weren't for that, maybe they wouldn't be so tall and strong".

    Not the most overtly racist thing I've heard from my southern family, but it's definitely top 5.

  • There's no escape I guess, I'm aware of why I'm miserable... but still sucks.
  • We could address that more, but we're going to come back to "Its not the 60s". What you're saying is not substantially different from saying the Elves had it better before they left Valinor. Probably true but my friend, it doesn't really apply. I think you may be succumbing to nostalgia too, one of my favorite youtube creators once described nostalgia as a form of depression and I'm not sure I've ever felt a deeper kinship with some random dude online.

    Even then, I feel like you've vastly misrepresented the 60s, what do you even think hippie culture was? That was a dedication to changing yourself and the way you lived DRASTICALLY, it was nothing but change and the community was built to try to thrive on an ever shifting background. It was defined almost entirely by all the things you said you don't want to do.

    The world is not going to change to your liking because you're pursuing a lifestyle dedicated to avoiding that outcome and you aren't going to be happy anywhere until you change that. The problem isn't the world, it is your approach to it and the fact that you're letting depression control your life instead of trying to make rational decisions.

  • There's no escape I guess, I'm aware of why I'm miserable... but still sucks.
  • So, maybe I'm reading between the lines too much but it sounds like you're defining your personality by trying your hardest to be kind of shitty to be around and then acting like it's a mystery as to why you don't fit in? Other people are also real people with thoughts and feelings and you're going to have to make compromises to engage with them.

    It doesn't sound like the world is being unfair to you, it sounds like you're actively going out of your way to reject it. Your situation isn't special or unique. I'm not trying to be mean, but I am trying to be very direct because I've been there and I couldn't grasp it any other way. You are generically depressed, just like so many others, and you should have started going to a therapist years ago.

    I do get it, we all fall into those traps, but... like... If you don't wanna change, how do you expect things to change? You're supposed to fix yourself, that's a good thing, it's crazy that you think this is a bad thing. That is your depression talking, your depression is stupid because it doesn't understand emotions and wants you to fail. It won't always be a success, but every day you should try to be a better version of yourself than you were the day before. And, same deal but erasing yourself... your self sounds like it sucks, and the person bearing the weight and pain of that is only you. Go work on making a better self, you don't have to be this and you can start getting better right now, today.

  • The last words my WWII veteran grandfather told me before he passed away were, "it's ok to elect a fascist as long as the other guy is slightly older."
  • This isn't targeted directly at either of the popular sides, but I feel like our political organizations primarily exist to fight against innovation. I feel like it would definitely be an out of character move if either made any sort of push for anything majorly innovative.

  • Any Svalboard user here? What is your experience?
  • I had an opportunity to play with one for 10 minutes or so once, and my exposure was super limited, but it didn't immediately feel like it was better than options that were only a few hundred bucks all in.

    Could show increasing value long term maybe and I wouldn't say it's a bad product but I couldn't see enough to justify getting one with the other cheaper and potentially better options out there.

  • Biden won't drop out unless polls say 'there's no way you can win'
  • The gambling odds have started to show a significantly better chance for Kamala winning than Biden now, it's an interesting shift.

    And, those odds aren't odds that only take affect if she is made the nominee, there's no prerequisites there, it's generic odds of just Kamala running and winning the election period.

  • The Insidious World of Fake Mobile Game Ads
  • It's not hard for someone to become at least... a small whale too.

    'Microtransactions', when you're spending a few bucks at a time, it's real easy for someone to lose track of how much money they've spent overall.