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If you ever worked shifts and transitioned to a 9 to 5 job, how difficult was the change?
  • This has generally been my experience as well. I used to work as a retail manager at a cellphone store before moving to social services after the pandemic made me reevaluate my career. I had a more chaotic schedule due to the needs of the store, but having some flexibility was nice if I had a doctor's appointment or something similar.Working 8-5, Monday through Friday, with an hour lunch is awesome in terms of consistency and work-life balance, but it sucks having to use sick hours to do anything essential on a weekday. Additionally, as someone with depression and anxiety, if I'm having a bad week, 40 hours in 5 days can weigh heavily on me at times.Luckily, I was able to get a job where I can work from home full-time, which has made things much easier compared to a formal office. I think a 4/10 (4 days working 10 hours) or 9/80 (9 hours with every other week being a 4-day work week) schedule with an employer that allows some flexibility is the ideal arrangement if that option is available to you. Good luck at your future job!

  • Biden’s debate performance spurs Democratic panic about his ability to lead party against Trump
  • I don't understand why any one Biden's side thought this was a good idea. Biden has never been a good speaker I believe mostly due to his stutter. The only thing Trump knows how to do is talk he's a damn salesman. I guess the hope was that Biden could string together some coherent sentences in order to hit back at Trump's lies and tout his achievements. I just think putting your candidates weakest trait against the other candidates strongest trait was a stupid risky thing to do from the outset with limited positive potential.

  • Why does it feel like too much effort just to go from sitting around looking at garbage online to simply watching a film or playing a video game?
  • I found out last doctor's appointment my vitamin d is insanely low so I started taking a supplement this week and it's made a world of difference already! Highly recommend trying it out if you feel burnt out and low energy all the time especially if you spend a lot of time inside. Its also relatively pretty cheap all things considered which is nice.

  • The 90's and 2000's hit different.
  • My friends and I got banned from using this because we got so good at it. Our technique was instead of twisting it we figured out their was a lil bit of room to pull up on on the lil handle and basically gently shake the coin to the next platform. Being able to eat a shitload of taco bell for like 2 bucks as a teen made the food taste so much better.

  • Why Didn't Democrats Do More When They Controlled Both Houses of Legislature, The White House, and The Supreme Court During Obama's First Term?
  • Thanks for this info. I always kinda felt like I must be missing something. That is a significant amount of stuff to get done especially in the face of the insane amount of filibustering the Republicans did during this time that others pointed out. I mean I still wish more was done but it gives me hope that if we can somehow weather the storm of fascists that some good legislation can be passed in the future even in the face of opposition.

  • Why Didn't Democrats Do More When They Controlled Both Houses of Legislature, The White House, and The Supreme Court During Obama's First Term?

    I've been wondering for a bit why during the time the Democrats controlled the legislature, executive, and judicial branches during Obama's first term in 2008 more wasn't accomplished. Shouldn't that have been the opportunity to make Row V Way law and fix the electoral college? I understand the recession was going on but outside of Obamacare getting passed which didnt go far enough it seems like they didn't really do much with all that power. Are there other important accomplishments from this time that didn't get the news they deserved? It seems like the voters have done their job in the past to elect people to fix things and yet we are still here begging people to vote to fix issues like abortion rights.

    Steve Albini, Influential Producer of ’90s Rock and Beyond, Dies at 61
  • When I was about to go into high school I wanted to learn about cool music that wasn't just the classic rock my dad was into or top 40 pop music. I knew Pixies were cool because Kurt Cobain said they were cool and I liked Fight Club so I downloaded a copy of Surfer Rosa. That shit changed my life. It was so foundational to my tastes and opened up a whole world of independent music to me. Cloud Nothing's Attack on Memory was a big deal for me too... I'm gonna miss the dude. Thanks Albini, you made some cool music.

  • Pls pls pls....
  • Nobody ever says this about mediocre acts that are really great people in their personal life. You'll never hear someone say "This song is kinda mid but thats because they recorded it while working at a refugee camp!"

  • Worst day
  • Life is a marathon not a sprint. We don't all have the same problems and we don't all have the same tools at same time to deal with them and that's ok. The value of you is so much more than just the accolades you receive or the money you earn. The meaning to your life is whatever you decide that meaning is not whatever is forced upon you. Remember to be kind to yourself. All anyone can do is try and be a lil better than the day before.

  • Anyone Looking For People to Play With?

    Idk how active this community is but I need people to play with so thought I'd check here. I play on PC and I'm nearly orange rank with Feng and Xiao but willimg play with anyone who is chill.


    I'm Heading to Phoenix Can Anyone Recommend Anything Cool To Check Out While I'm There?

    I'm heading to Phoenix, AZ next week to visit family and I was just curious if any locals would be able to recommend me anything cool to check out. I am already planning on trying to hit the end of spring training but don't have any other plans. I enjoy good food, art, geeky things like comic and games, and am also a LGBT but im open to any ideas!

    Picking up a game after a long time
  • This happened to me in Hollow Knight. I was pretty deep into it and IDK why but I dropped it for a bit. After like 6 months I went back and I could not remember where the hell I was going, any of the mechanics, and every generic enemy was murdering me bad. I really should give that game another try lol I was going to just wait for silksong and play that but... Yeah :'(

  • Looking for some advice on OP players
  • It seems like from this comment and your post that your players just want to spend the session roleplay their characters doing super op stuff and are not super interested in balanced combat or deep character progression despite what they may say. I thunk would good to talk to them about what you've mentioned in the post and how it makes things hard on you as a DM. A couple solutions id maybe propose are agreeing to follow raw for the time and not make any rule changes in session and let you run the kind of campaign you want to see if they enjoy a more traditional DND experience. Alternatively maybe that's not what they are looking for and if y'all have limited amount of time to play every week maybe a different system besides dnd would be more fun and easier for everyone including you. Ive tried monster of the week and blades in the dark with players similar to yours and found that while they weren't like the most balanced experiences it was a lot easier to do a quick session where everyone felt like they did cool shit and I didnt have to spend sessions checking rules or trying to tell someone the silly thing they wanted to do wouldnt be possible because of bonus actions or lack of feat. Most important things is everyone has fun including you OP! Hope it all works out!

  • would love a blog feed in the style of Lemmy
  • Have you checked out Mastodon? Idk if it's exactly what you are looking for since it's more akin to Twitter but it has hashtags that you can pin to keep up on. There's some stuff that's more longform and visual on there too or at least people will link to there stuff if it isn't listed there. Maybe try a couple different apps, I use megalodon, see if does what you need.

  • PSA: If you're tired of political posts in Technology, block user L4s
  • Thank You! Honestly I think one of the things I like a lot about lemmy, and the fediverse, is the ability to easily block users, communities, and whole instances I don't want to interact with a all. Everytime someone complains about seeing too many foreign meme or whatever I wonder if they have tried the blocking features to trim down the timeline.

  • E-Books, best places to get them?
  • That's awesome what a great idea! Nice Pratchet's books and the Hitchhikers series are great! Hope you find some stuff you enjoy. Getting back into reading has been one of the best things I've done in years and has helped my life in a lot of ways. I found what helped me get back into the habit was just keeping something to read with me when I had time to kill like waiting for food or an appointment, reading on my work breaks to give my eyes a rest from screens, and reading around an hour before bed to help my sleep quality. You'll be surprised how fast you'll go through a book I usually would end up reading about 30 mins to 90 mins today. Also if you don't like something by like 100 pages in just drop it. Trying to force myself to read things to the end I wasn't enjoying killed my desire to read. By dropping books I actually ended up reading more than before. I hope you enjoy some wonderful stories! :)

  • E-Books, best places to get them?
  • The best way to get back into reading is to go to your local libray, get a card, set up an the library app for ebooks, have the librarian recommend you something based on what you like, and start reading it. I got back into reading a year ago, have read about a dozen books, and haven't spent any money so far just by heading to the library. I personally like to have a book with me but if you keep your e-reader around and just read it during the times you'd usually check social media or your phone you'll get back into it in no time. I wish you luck!

  • Alabama preacher F.L. ‘Bubba’ Copeland kills himself after being outed as ‘transgender curvy girl’
  • As a trans woman it bums me out that this shit wasn't shared earlier. Regardless of how they identified, if the info in this article is true, they sound like a mega creep with some sort of weird forced feminization fetish. I just hope this stuff I'm reading in this article isn't true because if this gets story gets passed around it's just going make things more difficult. It sucks that the worst of people from a group, which honestly in this case I thing you can make an argument that this person may not even be trans but it's kind of impossible to figure that out now, get hoisted up as a reason whole groups of people dont deserve rights.

    All I really want is my communities human rights and any other groups rights not being dictated by what imaginary lines on a map especially in my own country. This person's actions, even if they are tran, shouldn't dictate trans people's right to equality and freedom.

  • What was a profound moment that a video game caused you to experience, and why?
  • When I was around 8 years old I was lucky enough to get a PS2 for Christmas. Because I was young, my dad and I usually played games together so he could help me out if things got tough. One of the first games we played on the PS2 was ICO. My dad picked it up in the whim because he thought the box art was interesting knowing basically nothing. I still remember when the first cutscenes booted up and our jaws dropped to the floor. It was so much more beautiful and cinematic than any we had played. It was one of the first time I truly felt transported another world and I grew so attached to the horned boy and glowing girl. We played it every day and, talked about all the mysteries and theories we about it when we weren't. When we finally defeated the epic last boss fight against the dark queen and the Castle start collapsing I got scared for the horned boy and glowing girl. I couldn't tell you how long it actually took for the final scene to appear but it felt like forever. When I saw my lil horned friend finally escaped the castle and was on a beautiful beach with a boat he could be able anywhere, I couldn't help but to start crying it was just such a great ending and was so cathartic after going through a dark and mysterious castle for so long.

    I think it really changed the way I thought about the medium. That a game where I couldn't really tell you what exactly what was happening and had no understandable dialogue could move me so much changed the way I thought about the medium and media in general. Nobody can ever convince me games are not art because I know I connected to ICO in a way in a way beyond just having fun. The fact it's been over 20 years and I still recall my emotions so vividly I think is a testament to the power of video games as an artistic medium.

  • What is your favorite novel of the year thus far?
  • My favorite book I read this year was "The Fifth Season" by N.K. Jemisin and the rest of her Broken Earth Trilogy was fantastic as well. It's such a uniquely dangerous and i I'mnteresting world full of mystery and horror. It really grounded with fantastic characters and a compelling plot. Plus it deals with issues like systemic oppression and climate change in a way that just doesn't just feel like it is copying real world but slapping fantasy/sci Fi paint over it.