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Surely "1337" is the same as 1337, right?
  • Would you mind elaborating a bit for someone who doesn't do much coding? I'm guessing I'm one of the people you're talking about.

    The only coding I've done has been via json for raspberry pi, 3d printer, and homeassistant applications.

    I know it's a text base language, but how do it's commands relate to integers? I've used boolean, I get that bit.

  • So sorry to hear that. Is it terminal?
  • I'd still go with best of Americans.

    Americans and Canadians picking on each other is like childhood friends giving each other a hard time. Anyone on the outside would call it bullying; the two friends know, however, they'd have their backs in a second.

  • Speedy West - Rippling Waters
  • Speedy west is basically the gold standard for pedal steel guitar. Pretty much everytime you hear Hawaiian steel in a movie or something it's him.

    His work with Jimmy Bryant is also extraordinary. Check out Boogie Man.

  • Why has no one thought of this before?!
  • There's an episode of Star Trek TNG where the crew is briefly back on earth and capt Picard is enticed by the idea of taking a job where they do exactly this. They work on lifting a tectonic plate from the ocean floor to create a new continent.

  • OpenAI says Sky voice in ChatGPT will be paused after concerns it sounds too much like Scarlett Johansson
  • If she can prove they used Johansen's voice as training data... Maybe. If the pitch and tambre of openai's voice came about naturally I don't see what leg they have to stand on.

    Iirc it's not like recording artists can sue other singers that happen to sound like them.

  • Teenagers could help fill train driver shortage | BBC News
  • My grandpa actually used to drive a school bus in the 50's as a teenager. Any high school student with a valid liscence could work as a driver. He'd take it home, park it In the yard, and go pick everyone up in the morning, on his way.

    I see no reason not to let an 18yo or ever 16 drive a train, with basically no obstacles on a fixed track.

  • Google’s Pixel Leaves Little Room to Breathe for Sony Phones - Bloomberg
  • I ran an xz1 compact for YEARS. probably still would be if my replacement screen hadn't kept popping back off. It was literally the perfect size phone. Big enough to watch yt videos on but it actually fit in your pocket!

  • Your brain on ketracel white