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US maternal mortality rate far higher than in peer nations, report finds
  • The article specifies that “researchers found that in 2022, 22.3 US women per 100,000 died either during pregnancy or within a year of giving birth” so I’m not really sure what the first response is on about “counts mortality differently” 🙄

  • What's the worst natural disaster you've been in?
  • American Northeast - Blizzard of 1996 It snowed for days! School was closed for a week. Then unseasonably warm weather melted the tons of snow and the river flooded. As if being 13 wasn’t difficult enough, that was quite a year

  • Does anyone know good and especially cheap therapists who do online therapy for ADHD?
  • I had no idea! They also do virtual appointments so I thought the communication done on the app was for emergencies and the sort. Being a therapist is tough that’s why I never chose to work toward that aspect of my social science degree.

  • Amid a national shortage, the US Adderall black market is booming
  • I don’t know if the same thing is happening with the XR but if the IR worked for your husband it might be a good alternative. I recommend Vyvance, it was recently approved for generic. Still a bit pricy but it’s longer acting with less of the unbearable side effects.

  • PSA: Fire Your Pharmacy and Find One That Respects and Takes Care of You
  • I used a small old school pharmacy (it’s quite obviously only used for meds and inflating balloons cause all the items on the shelves were covered in a layer of dust) but they were meaner than the corporate locations and told me I couldn’t keep switching btwn pharmacies cause it “looked suspicious” despite that literally being the recommendations since there was a stimulant shortage in the entire nation. It’s all situation specific and most of the time I feel degraded😞

  • Do you notice differences in ADHD symptoms as your hormones fluctuate?
  • Woah. This is incredibly helpful! How do you get the perimenopause diagnosis? Like there’s times where I’m sure I’ll never be able to access that memory again, also thought Alzheimer’s

    My BPD gets unmanageable too since Vyvance seems to keep me emotionally balanced

  • Do you notice differences in ADHD symptoms as your hormones fluctuate?
  • When I first got diagnosed in my 30’s and started on Vyvance I became so frustrated when I would menstruate cause I felt like all the progress I had been making was completely undone! After a few months my male doctor was like “oh yeah there can be some symptom fluctuations that might occur during your period” Months I thought the meds just weren’t working!