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[Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • Don't worry, those of us Americans who don't have their heads up their asses are just as baffled as you are and 3 times as embarrassed that Trump is even an option again.

    I am in a fucking loop of laughter and tears because I don't even know what to do anymore.

  • U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, an icon of Houston politics, dies at 74 after cancer battle
  • This is super sad. I'm not a Houston resident, but I heard her speak when she opened for the Women's Convention in Houston in Fall 2022. Very motivated individual, very optimistic about the fight for equality, and knew how to get a crowd hyped out of their depression. Adored her.

  • British cuisine is like...
  • I can picture that tiny Tabasco bottle clearly 😂. It was a godsend in basic training (for any MRE that came with them) I'm not sure if I had a new iteration of the chili mac or what, but when I was quarantined in 2020, mine came with crushed red pepper instead. I know for a fact I've had it with the Tabasco too though.

  • British cuisine is like...
  • Not who you asked but I'm pretty partial to the chili Mac, especially if you got some hot sauce to drizzle on it! It's the one I look for first whenever we're given some to choose from!

  • finally some good scran
  • I could see that. Like, if you weren't getting specifically a tuna melt, then the heat from the chips could be off putting. I didn't consider that, I just thought "salty potatoes are great on tuna sandwiches"!

  • finally some good scran
  • I know this is about French fries and not potato chips/crisps how I'm thinking of them, but unironically tuna salad on toasted wheat bread piled high with crisps is my go-to comfort food when I'm down. I can only imagine French fries would have a similar vibe. I'd urge you to try IF you like tuna salad anyway.

  • A mother of three says her family can't secure a $1,600 home loan, yet they must manage a $2,100 rent.
  • Bruh, lmao, my husband and I have been paying off new siding and new plumbing since October 2022. It's costing us $2600/mon to live in a 3 bed/2 ba 1500 sqft home in a neighborhood that does not rate that much.

    (To be clear, we had planned on the siding, the plumbing happened to be a surprise in the same month we were getting the siding done).

    We also replaced all the windows & traded out the sliding back door for a French door in 2022 (pre plumbing fiasco. Also planned.)

    In 2022 we spent $60K alone between those 3 projects. Over the years we've also done the roof/HVAC/Water Heater/Foundation, new flooring and new counter tops.

    And now? We've just secured a rental and we're selling this bitch. I'm so over home ownership. I'm over the saving and saving and saving and saving and saving for months only to have some $20K cost crop up out of nowhere and just wipe it all out. I'll gladly pay someone more than the mortgage/property taxes to handle that shit, so I can put my savings away in a HYSA or something and not need it until worst-case scenario: our cars break.

    HUGE PRIVILEGED DISCLAIMER: Were both active duty military, so we don't have to worry about Healthcare costs wiping us out. YES, I wish that was available to everyone. YES, I vote for socialized medicine. Just wanted to throw it out there that I'm aware that others have concerns that I don't have.

  • It's Saturday, are you doing anything at night?
  • Late to the game but it was DnD night for me! Nearly lost a party member but our cleric pulled a revivify! (Honestly with the diamond requirement, we pulled some shenanigans to get it to work but the DM was chill about it). But @ 2300 hrs, the fucking bad guy came back with a second health bar and like all of us are tapped for spells and potions, so we'll see next session who actually makes it out! Got my second character set up already!

  • What's something you did or acquired that made your life way easier?
  • I hope this is my experience as well. I'm slated for ICL surgery on Tuesday. Doc said that I qualify for the laser, but that she can get me significantly better results for my condition with the ICLs.

    Kinda nervous, but excited too!

  • Best universities for women?
  • He wants to send his daughters to school in a place where they're not only being valued for their wombs. Where they're looked at as being equal contributors to their field of study. Where they're provided opportunities the same as every other scholar there, and not assumed to be in college to find a husband.

    And, yes, there is a bit of "if they get into trouble will they have options?" At play I'm sure as well.

    Quit being obtuse.

  • Opinion: Kamala Harris and Gretchen Whitmer could make a winning ticket for Democrats | CNN
  • Ugh, God, that was even more of a morale hit than losing to Cruz imo.

    At that point, Abbott had already introduced his super fucked up "heart beat bill" pre RvW reversal, and Texans still put their guns over the lives of the women around them.

    That's when I started to become defeatist.

  • I wince every time I hear a younger person refer to it as "the late 1900s"
  • I'm in the military, and whenever one of my Airmen tell me that they're born in 20-- I always have a moment of "...are you even allowed to be here? Did you lie about your age to get in? Do your parents know where you are?!?"

  • We coulda had Bernie...
  • (Woman over 30 here) I caucused for Bernie in Nevada in 2020, and he won the state my dude. He also won Iowa, New Hampshire, California, and Colorado before dropping out. Where do you think our love for Bernie is "over inflated"? He had support amongst the people.

  • Are there any good casual/low-stress mobile games that aren't filled with microtransactions?
  • Wuthering Waves is Hella good. Technically it's an open world gacha game, but I played through all the storyline (the developers will be forever updating the story a la Genshin Impact), and I never spent a dime on it.

    Also, I have spent money on Cooking Diary. However, I went about 3 months of daily play before I did, and it was more about me being impatient/telling myself "You got 3 months of daily play, you can drop the devs $4.99". I've played that game just about daily since Memorial Day 2023, and I've dropped $5.00 quarterly. There are regularly moments of infinite lives that exceed an hour or two, that it genuinely isn't necessary. I spend the money more as a "thanks for not making this ducking game contingent on microtransactions, making it good, and maintaining/update it."

  • It's okay, Buddy
  • I read this in Grog's voice and I high key love it. The idea of him describing "surface level themes such as nationalism" is hilarious.

    And the title comment is the icing on the cake.

  • Lady says Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

    Our boarder gets the most photogenic pictures of our dogs, I swear.

    bravo AquaTofana

    14 - 16 Nov 2025 - BRAVOCON RETURNS! Jackpot! BravoCon Returns to Las Vegas in 2025 and We Have ALL the Details | Bravo TV Official Site

    Get all the details on BravoCon 2025. Keep reading for when and where the epic event is taking place.

    Jackpot! BravoCon Returns to Las Vegas in 2025 and We Have ALL the Details | Bravo TV Official Site

    Sucks that there isn't a Bravocon for 2024, but I guess this gives me the time to start putting money away now!

    Being held at Caesers Palace again in Las Vegas, NV!


    Stephen Colbert: Fake Interview with Donald Trump 151K views · 16K likes | The Late Show on Instagram: "What is Donald Trump looking for in a running mate? #Colbert"

    16K likes, 408 comments - colbertlateshow on February 5, 2024: "What is Donald Trump looking for in a running mate? #Colbert"

    151K views · 16K likes | The Late Show on Instagram: "What is Donald Trump looking for in a running mate?


    CW: US Politics. IG Reel from The Late Show's official IG page with a fake interview starring Day One Dictator himself: Donald Trump


    Repping VGK at the American Airlines Center Today!

    Just wanna know, whose watching the game and from where?!?!

    bravo AquaTofana

    BravoCon Tickets are $550/3 Day GA Tickets

    BravoCon is headed to Las Vegas!


    Holy snap, that's steep! I was contemplating the "Future Bravolebrity" but that's out of my wallet range atm 😂. I think I'm for sure gonna budget for the basic entrance though.

    I've never been to BravoCon and I'm made stoked about going!

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    How to Buy Tickets to BravoCon 2023: All the Details | Bravo TV Official Site

    My girlfriend and I are anxiously awaiting these ticket prices. She's a Bravoholic, I only watch the RH Franchises.

    Anyone else considering going? I'm pretty stoked because I lived in Vegas for 4 years so it's a chance to go visit my old haunts/friends!