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How do you manage to do all the things you want to do?
  • So if you are in school or going back to school for psychology then I recommend just focusing on your degree and maybe take elective classes in your side interests when you have time. I didn't study psychology but my major was really labor intensive and I needed all the time I could to study and work on projects. However, I did take a fun forensics class as an elective that is still one of my all time favorite classes since I loved CSI.

    After you graduate and get a steady job, you'll have more time to focus on your interests. I schedule out my week and take classes at a local school after work in things that interest me. Then weekends I dedicate to family/friend time. I also watch YouTube videos in my free time.

    As many people have mentioned kids, its good to note that I don't have kids at this time. I plan to have kids in the future and am aware that my night classes will have to end when I do. However that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make because I really want kids. I just hope that one day I'll be able to share my hobbies with future kids or enjoy what hobbies they are interested in.

  • Denmark recalls South Korean Samyang noodles for being too spicy - CNA
  • I honestly haven't had the 3x spicy version so I honestly cant say anything about it. I had the Spicy and Hot Chicken which, based on the name, I'm guessing is milder. I know that spice tolerance is a huge thing and can vary wildly from person to person so I totally understand how it could be a bad experience to some. Which is why I think a recall is silly and instead they should have a warning so those who like it can continue to eat it.

  • Denmark recalls South Korean Samyang noodles for being too spicy - CNA
  • Sounds like a skill issue.

    But seriously I'm guessing people in Denmark (or these regulators) don't eat much spicy food because I've had the Spicy and Hot Chicken and it wasn't spicy to me.

  • Hiker finds pipe feeding China's tallest waterfall
  • So I think the important thing here is how this waterfall is being explained to visitors. If it's open information that the waterfall only flows naturally in certain months and is artifical in others and people still want to see it when it's artificial that's fine. However it seems this is being sold as a natural waterfall when it's artifical part of year which is the problem.

    Bases on thr park's comments, it seems the move to make it artifical part of the year stems from their lack of openness that it only flows naturally part of the year. In comparison, Yosemite National Park (US) has a whole web page explaining when the waterfalls flow and the peak months to see them. In my opinion, his park should be more open about the natural flow months so visitors can choose when to visit.

  • Men with 'toxic masculinity' are more likely to make sexual advances without consent, study finds
  • I think the problem is the girl not you. If you asked her politely, she said no, and then you backed down, there is no reason for her to bad mouth you to friends. I could understand maybe asking one trusted person for advice but spreading rumors through a friend group is a serious issue. Not just the girl but also the friends spreading the rumor. I think a lot of people are really bad at communicating and it leads to more issues. If she had simply talked to you about how she felt, I'm sure you both could have worked through it.

  • Evacuations with cars are a bottleneck
  • I lived in Florida for a long time and when there are major hurricanes you have lots of people heading north. I've seen them reverse some lanes on the opposite side but keep one for south bound movement. Normally the only people headed in the other direction are emergency workers and its not enough to need more than one lane.

  • If you take care of your parents or other elderly, how are you preparing to age gracefully?
  • I've been dealing with my 85 year old uncle who recent fell and broke his hip again. I've learned the following:

    1. Physical exercise is important! My uncle could barely walk before, which is probably why he fell. While he was in the hospital he physically could not sit up on his own (no upper body strength) and now cant lift himself into/out of his wheelchair. I've decided to start working out more and focus on strength.

    2. Listen to your doctors!! After he broke his hip the first time, he refused to do physical therapy and would not use his cane. It's obvious that both of these things would have helped prevent him from falling the second time.

    3. Be kind to the people around you! My uncle is narcissistic and insults friends/family when he gets comfortable with them. This meant that for most of his stay in the hospital, I was the only person who visited.

  • Why did men stop wearing high heels?
  • This is a pretty cool article that shows paintings from the time periods:

    TLDR: Men wore heels to signify military prowess since they were used by solders to keep their feet in stirrups. However, by the early 18th Century, their adoption by women made them seem feminine and they started to fall out of favor in men.

  • I need to replace milk in my coffee and I need ideas
  • A friend recently made me black coffee with a little honey and it was excellent. There was only enough honey to take the bitter edge off the coffee without getting too sweet. Although my friend did use some high quality beans I wouldnt normally use so I'm not sure it will work on the cheap stuff most commercial places use.

  • Do you sometimes lose your patience when dealing with a co worker or friend who is barely capable of using a computer or smart phone?
  • This reminds me! At work we often send emails to customers through our ticket system so they are recorded. A new guy got a pop-up asking if he wanted to send the email. He looks at me and says "What do I do?" I say "Well you have 2 options: Yes to send the email or Cancel." He clicks Cancel and is then confused the email never sent. He quit a few days later which honestly was better for all of us.

  • Irexit soon?
  • Steve Jobs' cancer was discovered in 2003. He could have had a surgery immediately to remove it. However, he refused surgery, in favor of alternative options like acupuncture, dietary supplements, and juices. By the time he started medical treatment it was too late and he ended up dying in 2011.

  • 30 years of gay times with the butler UwU
  • TOKYOOOOOO drift drift drift

  • Boeing's Solution
  • We used to watch the reruns as kids. When we would fly, we begged our parents for a seat near the wings so we could look for the gorilla.

  • Boeing's Solution

    You're the star!
  • The dog's cute little teeth!

  • Final images of Ingenuity reveal an entire blade broke off the helicopter
  • It makes me sad to think that Perseverance has to leave Ingenuity behind. They went on this amazing journey together across the stars but now Perseverance has to keep going. I hope they can be reunited one day in the future.

  • 'Better than a real man': young Chinese women turn to AI boyfriends
  • I like to think uncanny valley exists because of other homo species we would have interacted with in pre-history. Obviously this is just a fun theory since we have evidence of mixing.

  • xkcd #2890: Relationship Advice
  • I always hear this kind of advice from people who are in relationships for all the wrong reasons.

  • What is a nifty little feature modern gadgets have lost?
  • I have a Samsung and have it set to light up the screen but it's not the same as that LED. I used to be able to set the LED color for messages from certain people. Ex: Blue was a friend, Red was mom. The LED would also stay that color until I read the message where as the current screen color only lights up for a few seconds (unless there is a setting I'm missing).

  • wtf happened to dave chappelle
  • You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. -Harvey Dent

  • Xiaoreos

    My friend made me custom oreos with Xiao on them.