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Every time I boot up my computer
  • The point of my original post was that their update cadence is slower. The point of my followup reply is that they are not devoid of updates, either.

    They have a release every 1-2 years, and it's packed full for various tweeks, improvements, and new features. They fix broken shit, and enhance where it makes sense.

    I don't need my window manager to get fad features, and I don't need constant updates. It does what I want it to do already.

    xfce ftw.

  • In our post-AI era, is job security strictly mythical? Or How to believe in careers as a concept worth doing?
  • Indeed. Though that's only my surface level complaint.

    On a deeper level; LLMs just fuckin' suck ass. They aren't people, stop assuming they can do things that people can do.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I'll be the first to agree that up/down votes should be replaced with something more functional, but if the current meta is "This is relevant or not" and the OP was unrelated to light/dark mode preferences, then... yeah, downvote. Off topic, doesn't contribute, randomizes the conversation, doesn't belong.

  • Certified in AI
  • I've actually been thinking about editing my LinkedIn to specificly call out my lack of desire to work with LLMs (which I refuse to call AI, ever). Honestly, I only want to entertain contact from employers who feel the same.

  • What are your best intrusive ads ideas?
  • Nice try EA, but you're not getting my golden ideas for free.

  • Unsure of the future with my current fiance.
  • They aren't your partner, they're one of your children.

    Either get comfortable with that, or dump 'em.

  • Advice on finding a partner?
  • You can be single and still have lots of friends and socializing.

  • Advice on finding a partner?
  • Don't.

    Okay, that could easily be misinterpreted. What I mean is don't look for one. Live your life. Get to know yourself. Find some hobbies, start some projects, do some cool shit. Not as a resume for a relationship, just to do it and be fulfilled. You don't need to find someone right this moment.

    The worst relationship I ever had was because I was young and lonely and bored and I ended up dating someone who nearly destroyed my life and dominated everything about it. Took 5 years to get away from it. Subsequent relationships suffered, though not because my partners were awful, I just wasn't worth dating.

    At some point, I just got tired of it and "retired" from dating. I took care of myself, did things that interested me, and relaxed for a few years. Just me. I got really happy just being with myself. Then, my best friend of nearly 20 years and I ended up starting a thing nearly on accident, and now (a few years later) we're very happily married. Absolutely would not have been possible unless I'd spent the time to figure myself out.

  • Law of Attraction is just a modern-day religion
  • People need to stop calling everything "fake news". First, the shit you see online may be fake, but it's not news. And second, perpetuating that stupid-ass phrase just gives the morons who coined it more excuses to keep using it.

    If you think something is a lie, say so in plain English.

  • In a high-stakes test, Boeing will launch NASA astronauts to space for the first time
  • I only work in dumbass terrestrial systems administration, and even we do that (mostly because I pitch a fit when they try to test more than one thing at a time)

  • CAD Software Suggestion
  • I disagree with the overall substance of your argument.

    Sure, if you've already designed something on paper and want to feed numbers in and get a part, CAD is clearly superior. I don't work that way.

    I will use (and recommend) the tools that have the least friction for me. I would not increase the time and headache to complete a project just because someone else thinks another workflow is better. I don't need CAD because 3D printing tolerances are not that tight. Some people need/want CAD because that's the only kind of tool they've used to make 3D objects, and that's low friction for them. That's cool too.

    I'm suggesting Blender here in case someone (OP or a passer-by) hadn't considered it, and didn't realize that it's up to the task of creating 3D printable objects. It definitely can, I've done it dozens of times, even with matching measurements against existing parts (which - it occurs to me now - is most of what I've done).

    Also, I exclusively use Blender VSE for video editing. Mostly because it's the best free/open-source option I've tried, and I don't need to add another tool to my workflow. I never really liked the Adobe suite, and most non-adobe tools try to cosplay as them. It's a lesser form of a thing I already didn't like.

  • Playstation Page to Opt Out of Their Ability to Share/Sell Your Data with 3rd Parties
  • I have an extremely clear memory of watching that E3 Fallout 76 conference. I knew it would be a shit show as soon as he mentioned that there were no human NPCs. All the other shit he said about high next-gen detail/graphics just re-enforced the notion.

    Bethesda? First time making a multiplayer game and they're swinging for psuedo-MMO? lol, I'm gonna sit this one out.

  • CAD Software Suggestion
  • Unless you have a graphics background and no CAD experience. In which case, Blender will be far easier.