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This is a Test
  • I had a girlfriend that was always studying 24/7 for her tests and never had time for me. One day she asked me to help her study and her entire exam was stuff like this, I kid you not. I realized she was too dumb for me and dumped her.

  • Please, for the love of God, VOTE!
  • I'm fairly moderate, and extremely moderate for a Lemmy user.

    I'm sure you're decent, even though you try to make fun of me for having a distinct political ideology that doesn't conform to the leftist internet hivemind.

    Most of my biggest priorities are left leaning, but outside the scope of common discourse. Such as independence from Chinese rare earth elements, prohibiting child marriage, and banning cigarettes and tobacco.

  • Quest 1 becomes near-E-waste Apr 30
  • The headline still is complete ragebait. The product still functions. They are just not adding any new releases. It happens to every console, and the Quest 1 was a shortlived, but necessary stepping stone to get to where we are today.

  • Warm Rule
  • I'm a compliance engineer, and I honestly love when ISO standards are goofy like this. The last one I contributed to required me to build a custom testing robot. Hopefully the voting committee doesn't notice the scotch tape and cardboard. Holding it together.