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Unpopular opinion: 73 Yards makes no sense

The episode starts with the Doctor stepping into a fairy circle, causing him to vanish and locking the Tardis. I'm not a huge fan of this season's "magic is real" vibe, but so far it tracks.

A woman appears and follows Ruby around. She ends up in a pub where she asks about the fairy circle. After a long build up explaining just how serious the fairy circle is, it turns out no that's just racist. Pretty funny, and it works with the magic theme. So how does the fairy circle actually work then? No fucking clue, they never explain it. As far as I can tell it just exists for this bit.

So this woman makes everyone near her hate Ruby. Everyone. Why? Who fucking knows. They never explain why. It just does. It leads up to a politician getting scared and ruining his career. Again pretty clever. But again no explanation is ever given as to how or why this happens.

Then Ruby dies. And when she dies she becomes the scary woman. Then she goes back in time. How? Why? No idea. It just happens and you gotta deal with it.

So apparently the Doctor stepping on a fairy circle that doesn't do anything makes him vanish for no reason, creates an old copy of Ruby that follows her around for no reason, who scares everyone for no reason, then when Ruby dies undoes everything for no reason.

This. Makes. No. Sense.


Anyone use DCU with ynab? Or can you recommend another online credit union?

Would love to switch to a credit union, but I travel a lot and most are regional. DCU seems decent but does it work with ynab? I don't want to manually enter everything.


How is the US able to instantly stop an attack from Iran but powerless when Israel attacks hospitals?

I'm missing something here. Admittedly, I'm making the assumption that blowing up hospitals is a bad thing to do.


How to deal with living in a world with no future without being high 24/7?

Been high nonstop for years. I realize it's bad for my health. But at least being high feels good.

My future is on a planet becoming increasingly unhabitable, under a government becoming increasingly fascist, doing nothing but working and still not being able to afford rent or food, never traveling, never making real friends much less finding a life partner, water quickly becoming a luxury, and with zero chance of ever retiring.

So why even bother?


Someone should release Discovery with all the speeches removed

Would make the show watchable and cut like half the time.


People who think sovereign citizen beliefs are weird have never had to memorize a carefully worded script to survive a police encounter.

Using specific words and phrasing with the government to get a desirable outcome is literally what some of us have to do with the police.


How do I properly lock my bike in a city where bike thefts are common?

I want to go biking in cities, but from what I've read most police departments simply do not give a fuck about stolen bikes. How do I make sure my bike doesn't get stolen?


Why were American soldiers in Jordan in the first place?

Everyone is talking about the American soldiers killed in Jordan. But I don't know why they were there to begin with.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott declares that Texas law supercedes Federal authority and hints at secession
  • Biden should call them the fuck out. Immediately withdraw all federal funding, including anything paid for by the government like power plants and highways. Let them suffer until they're willing to play nice with the rest of us.

  • All Doctors ranked

    I like these types of lists because there's always a recency bias. The 7th Doctor was ranked the best in the 90s but now he's viewed much less favorably. I hated the 12th at first and now he's one of my favorites.

    Anyway here's Wonderwall

    Best - 4th I mean obviously who else could it be?

    10th/14th Yes I am combining them

    3rd Criminally underrated

    12th I absolutely love how 12 is more of a scientist

    11th For his first two seasons at least

    9th My first Doctor

    5th I like the celery bit

    1st Bitter old man, it works

    15th Too soon to call it but so far so good

    2nd Almost as good as the 1st

    13th I think Jodie did the best she could with the horrendous writing she was given

    7th No strong feelings on him

    6th Other than his jacket I remember nothing about him

    Worst - 8th That movie was hot garbage I'm not sorry, I don't count his cameos


    Profit, by definition, is the money stolen from the value of our labor

    Sad to see capitalist propaganda leaking in here. But remember the fundamentals my fellow workers.


    Pascal's Wager


    One 520 week abortion please


    Who knew creating the worlds largest repository of information would be a mistake?


    Not like other girls


    This is why we can't have nice things


    Im happy Starfield won a Steam award. It clearly illustrates how useless these awards are.

    If anyone was still taking them seriously, they sure as hell aren't now.


    Recommend me a good exploration and trade indie game

    There's a genre of game I've always wanted to get into, but I can't think of any titles off the top of my head.

    Usually the game is colonial, pirate, or sci-fi themed. You go around buying and selling stuff, maintaining and upgrading your ship, and dealing with stuff that happens.

    I want to play a game like that what should I play.


    There are more women with incel beliefs than men and nobody cares/labels them

    I have so many friends who would 100% be labeled as an incel if they were men. They hold men to impossibly high standards while meeting none of those standards themselves.

    For example, women living with parents while expecting men to have their own place, women who are obese but are only interested in fit men, working part time while expecting a man who has a career, refusing to drive and expecting men to chauffeur them around, expecting men to have a variety of friends and interests while doing nothing but watching TV all day, etc.

    The worst part is, calling out this inequality will 100% get any man labeled as an incel. We're expected to either deal with it or be alone forever.

    This is NOT to undermine the very real issues women have to deal with, for example the loss of bodily autonomy in the US. But this is still an issue worth discussing and nobody is talking about it.


    From a purely scientific standpoint, when does weed use become problematic.

    I'm wondering if I have a weed problem. I started taking weed to help my depression then after a while I take it every day. Usually edibles and vaping sometimes just vaping.

    And I've been taking T breaks and it seems like when I'm on a break everything is horrible life sucks and it makes it hard to be on a t break. So I maybe don't take it for a day or two each month. I keep saying I'm on a T break but I never really am.

    All I do is get stoned, sometimes with my friends, usually alone. That's all I do. If I'm not working I'm high or getting high soon.

    I'm trying to find a girlfriend but sometimes they want to see me and I'm too high to go see them. That's happened to me and it sucks I really want a girlfriend and I missed those chances because I was stoned.

    I know weed isn't addicting but is there another thing for it? Should I move away and try to start over sober?

    askmenover30 AbsoluteChicagoDog

    How do you handle the insane entitlement of women on dating apps?

    I don't think I've spoken to a woman on Tinder who is actually interested in dating. The majority of them don't ever reply, the few that do put zero effort into the conversation and often just want money. Once in a while a woman agrees to meet then just doesn't. What the actual fuck? How do you guys handle this bullshit?

    Before I get called an incel 1000 times, I am already doing everything right. I'm in therapy, I exercise every day, I eat healthy, I have diverse interests and several friends. I have paid people to review my profile and conversations and everyone agrees I am doing everything right.