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Virgin Media 'fastest wi-fi' advert banned by watchdog
  • The other provider is Toob and they are indeed quite limited in location currently. I still pay less for a rolling contract with Cuckoo for my openreach connection that I did for Virgin gigabit (by ~£10).

  • Virgin Media 'fastest wi-fi' advert banned by watchdog
  • I don't think "anything close" is even vaguely true. I have openreach FTTP at 900mbps down, and the bandwidth is the same or better than I ever got with virgin gigabit. I'm also about to switch to another FTTP provider who provides 900mbps down 900mbps up for £25 a month. Plus with both of those I can pay a little extra to have a monthly rolling contract.

    Additionally my average latency dropped by more than half when ditching Virgin. I was genuinely shocked at how much better it was.

  • New Generation OpenWRT Compatible Router
  • I ended up buying a "mini-PC" as my router. It's quite a bit over your budget, and you'd need an AP of some kind for WiFi. I run proxmox on it, and pipe the NICs through to my OpenWRT VM. The performance is great, and given it has 2.5gbps NICs, it's somewhat future proof. UK Amazon link to the one I bought:

  • 23andMe frantically changed its terms of service to prevent hacked customers from suing
  • This "hack" is being blown way out of proportion. No 23andme systems were compromised, a bunch of customer accounts were accessed using reused passwords found in password leaks from other sites. I think the only real change 23andme could implement here would be to enforce 2fa across all accounts, but they're certainly not alone in that.

  • Whatever, I'll use it and abuse it.
  • I've had OLED phones since the Nexus 5 and have only had burn-in once, which was on the Nexus 5. It was due to me enabling the dev option to never turn the screen off. After 2 weeks of the screen being on 24/7 there was burn-in from the top bar.