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Kamala Harris’ Monster Fundraising Day Bigger Than Trump’s Felony Charge Windfall
  • That's a persuasive list and I like it. I like it more than Biden's history at least where Israel & Palestine are concerned.

    Dunno what issue you have with it, but if you're going to reply directly TWICE to the main thread... Then it clearly bothers you.

  • Ready for Round 2: Why we Need Hillary more than ever
  • Biden. Kamala. Or open revolt.

    And it sure as hell isn't Clinton. She's still giving sound bites that hurt Dems. She's smart, wonky and a good Cabinet pick. She's not what will win the Presidency.

    And she wasn't on the ticket.

  • Behind the Curtain: Top Dems now believe Biden will exit
  • I'm in California and like Newsom as a governor overall.

    Ask me about how he's handled a few things and I'll tell you he's likely not fit for a post-primary introduction to the national stage. He needs vetted.

  • Lawyers for ‘Rust’ armourer move to get case dismissed after Baldwin trial collapses
  • See... Now you're making more sense but you're wavering between points about when he got gun and the on set practices generally.

    No, they aren't required to see the armorer load it, although that sounds like a best practice. Sounds like standard is the AD gets it from the armorer and keeps direct control until handing it to the actor is also accepted practice and allegedly used as process on set.

    A expired contract isn't ideal and, again, I agree it's not a good look. Did she lose her skill when the contract elapsed? Is this pedantey or how does this matter? After much searching I keep seeing that she was the head armorer. None of the articles I've reviewed bring that up, so it reads as a possibly interesting fact that all researched people decided wasn't germane.

    I agree that a person fully trained in gun handling would go beyond the film industry's general practices. I'd be exceptionally cautious and I've only fired guns a handful of times in my life. No sweeps, no bullets and act as if it's always loaded. Never point at something you aren't willing to obliterate.

    I hope you're checking your brake lines. Cars kill people. They see daily use and people have assimilated that risk and tend to think so little of it we see brake checkers and other offensive acts. We'd do well to always check our brake lines. The consequences of brake failures are very often severe, if not death.

    I am NOT saying he's blameless. I'm not saying HGR is. I'm saying there's a standard to when a responsible person says that someone did x. It's typically criminal conviction. You have no such concerns. As such, it is opinion by accepted convention.

    Separately, what you described is not supported by my various searches where I attempt to find the very thing you assert. In that light, I'd say I'm softening my original SOP assertion. They have practices, but it sounds like the practices vary by armorer, state or set. They've been effective for quite a while, but very obviously multiple mistakes were made on the set of Rust.

    To continue my analogy: We should all check our brake lines. The consequences of failed brake lines is death (I know this isn't true, but same applies to guns - it depends on situation) . And this is why if you turn someone into pink mist, it's your fault. You need to double check your mechanic's actions after every service.

    Or do you just kinda trust them with your life, the lives of loved ones and the lives of others in/near the roads you drive? I do.

    Cars kill people. Remember, that's where you planted a flag. They are nothing alike. Right?

    And now you want to litigate, with non-lawyer me, a trial that will never happen and would need a new round of investigation in light of the new revelation. That investigation , possibly moot, so where are two nerds on the internet going to find the resources for that?

    Again, have your moral certainty. I just wouldn't act like it's proven. It sounds like a dick move on a good day.

  • The true, tactical significance of Project 2025 - Cory Doctorow
  • My sister, who lives with my mom is avidly pro-Trump. Anti-socialist, you know the drill.

    Every dollar entering that address is government. Sister teaches, moms on Social Security. But abortion. And gender.

    Things that will never directly impact my sister.

  • Lawyers for ‘Rust’ armourer move to get case dismissed after Baldwin trial collapses
  • The movie industry has a Standard of Operations where an expert ensures safety and provides better protection than individual actors can. We cannot expect them to police the props and I sure as hell don't want them deciding if it's a blank or not.

    He followed that process.

    Now the legal system has spoken and the prosecution made such a mess of it a proper trial cannot happen.

    You can state your convictions all you want. Good faith would include "allegedly." You're full of certanties and cast judgement like it's your job. At him. At me. At others.

    Have your certainty. Maybe that will keep you warm at night.

    My link was posted on this thread and speaks directly to the events of that day. It's easier to find than your implication that if I want a citation I need to read all the next under the OP.

    I'm on vacation with family. I'm not spending hours on you. You're just not worth it. You can feel free to read that last sentence a couple times, but I want to tell you the tone: these are events in New Mexico. We weren't on set. There are far more important things than if some person on the internet thinks I should spend time finding out what I already know. People on the internet aren't worth the judgement and vitriol you spew.

    When you've re-proceszed my link, because it addresses your post (I'd think) and shows they my original metaphor works... Then we can consider contuing.

    Or you can consider me not worth your time. And I'd support that. I'm just some dude on the internet. And it's just some actor who will never get a real trial. And it's not worth all the feels you're putting out there...

    You'd have gotten further with me by talking about how poorly he handled the situation that lead to this. Instead you're back to checking the brakeline every time you drive.

  • The true, tactical significance of Project 2025 - Cory Doctorow
  • I think this matters, but also doesn't. We gotta vote and rally people against this or it stands a chance of happening.

    People have been deceived into voting against their best interests for decades and that effort has been helped by the rise of controlled cable news.

    A history of fighting this and mostly winning gives us poor assurance it won't happen in our life time - or largely by this time next year.

  • Lawyers for ‘Rust’ armourer move to get case dismissed after Baldwin trial collapses
  • Naw.

    I'm here for discussion, not argument. But you can post your first citation in this thread. I've already done one.

    You've used a lot of words, made a lot of assertions but followed few of the standards of civil debate.

  • Defiant Biden tells donors: 'We're done talking about the debate'
  • He, also, can direct people to kill US citizens without concern to the Bill of Rights. Now it may be that it's illegal for the person to carry out the order, but:

    • It would be a "Constitutional" order (see SCOTUS decision).
    • Presidents can issue pardons for federal offenses.

    His right to do as he pleases is absolute and the intentions cannot be considered.

  • Lawyers for ‘Rust’ armourer move to get case dismissed after Baldwin trial collapses
  • According to the affidavit, Halls said he did not check all cylinder chambers, but he recalled seeing three rounds in the cylinder at the time. (After the shooting, Halls said in the affidavit, Gutierrez-Reed retrieved the weapon and opened it, and Halls said that he saw four rounds which were plainly blanks, and one which could have been the remaining shell of a discharged live round.)[44] In the warrant, it is further stated that Halls announced the term "cold gun", meaning that it did not contain live rounds.[42] Halls's lawyer, Lisa Torraco, later sought to assert that he did not take the gun off the cart and hand it to Baldwin as reported, but when pressed by a reporter to be clear, she refused to repeat that assertion.[45]

    It's Wikipedia, but it matches what I've read elsewhere. He was told he had a cold gun. There is a division of responsibility and what's described doesn't match your assertion.

  • Lawyers for ‘Rust’ armourer move to get case dismissed after Baldwin trial collapses
  • No. But with the withheld evidence now known... The armorer herself may not have been convicted and she's certainly getting retried.

    Those mistakes didn't happen in a vacuum. But proving where that vacuum came from doesn't have the same certainty that it did.

  • Matter 1.3 is here to help get your smart home energy usage under control

    This seemed more balanced and upbeat than other reporting on the topic.

    I'm always happy to see support for Matter and increased awareness.

    The more we expect matter devices and insist on them, the better things get for consumers.


    Evangelical Pushes Back Against False White Gospel How one evangelical leader uses the Bible to expose the ‘False White Gospel’ | CNN

    Jim Wallis, an evangelical leader, says White Christian nationalism has existed in the US since its founding. He calls it the “False White Gospel,” and a form of heresy.

    How one evangelical leader uses the Bible to expose the ‘False White Gospel’ | CNN

    Evangelical pushing back on White Christian Nationalism. Book, interviews, and articulate explanation of what the Bible actually says about topics.


    Steps froze in challenge

    My normal step counter is incrementing, but the 3k step is frozen solid. Restarts and all.

    Do y'all have this issue too?

    Edit :full phone restart was required. Not ideal, but at least I'm not waiting on bug fix.


    Photo Gallery - Hardware & Software Recommendation Request

    Now that HA is getting further with local voice control, I'm working towards a full non-cloud, de-googled home experience.

    We have a Google Home Hub and we love the slideshow aspect of it. If the Hub goes, I'd like to replace it with something visually appealing and take on the responsibility of putting photos into some directory(s) for use in a slide show.

    Does anyone have:

    • Preferred HA card/integration/HACS solution?
    • Recommended hardware (ideally it's a screen, not a tablet)?
    • Advice for me while I'm on this journey?

    April Pikmin - Care to Speculate?

    After guessing last month and getting it wrong, I have no idea what to expect for April's pikmin.

    Last year it was Easter, but I dunno that they'd do that twice in a row.

    What do y'all think it could be?


    Reminder about Bullhorns

    We have 3 starting today and continuing until March 10th.


    March Event - Actual Meet 14 all-new types of Flower Card 2024 Decor Pikmin!

    Have you ever played a game of Hanafuda (Flower Cards)? A set of Flower Cards contains 48 cards depicting the beauty of the different seasons through nature. This March, you will be able to meet 7 all-new types of Flower Card 2024 Decor Pikmin, featuring two different cards each – that makes for a t...

    Meet 14 all-new types of Flower Card 2024 Decor Pikmin!

    Sorry about the earlier speculation.

    This is the link to the event that starts 3/1. It looks like red, blue & yellow pikmin will be earned by collecting poetry slips, while the others will be from spins after mushrooms and such.

    More details in the link. Mii clothes as reward for poetry slip milestones, like usual.


    Map Update soon Big Flower and Mushroom Update

    Thank you for playing Pikmin Bloom! We will be implementing the following changes in the next update to the app, expected to happen next week.

    Sounds like the map will see an update of:

    • More mushrooms
    • More blooms
    • Postcard images

    I'm hoping this is additive and not an overhaul of where mushrooms exist. Although if well-known landmarks could be mushrooms, I'd love that.

    Fingers crossed and it sounds like it happens soon.


    Improved Pikmin Viewing - Using Decor Filter Release Information - v87

    The Decor Pikmin Collection has been updated. Each Decor category now displays all the Pikmin you have in said category.

    I got the notification for this feature and almost immediately dove in. I love it.

    In conversation, it seems like not everyone caught on to what's happening here.

    If you go to your Pikmin, select decor and then filter by whatever category you want, you now see which types you have AND the full set of pikmin you own who are part of that category.

    That's handy after a challenge month when we may want to figure out what can be "released." Or just when we're trying to stay under some number of pikmin.

    Thought I'd share, hope y'all are having fun, staying active, and thank you to friends you bullhorn me into specials and larges. :-)


    New Ramen Decor New Ramen Keychain Decor Pikmin are here!

    On Pikmin Bloom, today we’re welcoming Ramen Keychain Decor for Purple, White, Winged and Rock Pikmin – meaning it’s now available for all 7 types of Pikmin! Seedlings for Ramen Keychain Decor Pikmin can be found in the vicinity of Ramen Restaurants.

    New Ramen Keychain Decor Pikmin are here!

    I don't remember getting a notification about these, so I'm posting here. There's some new Ramen Noodle Keychain Pikmin.


    Bullhorn Bonus Extended to 1/3

    Best link 8 can find at the moment.


    Reminder: Community Day This Weekend Community Day on December 16th and 17th, 2023 (Sat and Sun)

    This Community Day, Big Flowers will be blooming into Helleborus! Get ready to paint the world around you in vibrant colors!

    Community Day on December 16th and 17th, 2023 (Sat and Sun)

    It's just the standard Niantic Community Day thing, but I know my wife and I usually plan something more walk-centric on weekends like this. Reminders help.


    Mushrooms Refresh at 1800 UTC Everyday (from 12/13/23) Release Information - Update on 2023/12/13 (JST)

    Regarding the Mushroom Challenge that has not been joined: The type and size of the Mushroom will change when no one has joined, from now on.

    This almost escaped my attention and it seems important for gameplay and planning.


    Three Bullhorns Starts Tomorrow

    And that continues until 12/24.


    New Pikmin, New Special Mushroom, Weekend Events AND Extra Bullhorns Electrifying news: Fairy Lights Decor Pikmin and all new Electric Mushrooms!

    It’s that time of the year! As streets and shops fill with holiday lights, you may have found yourself considering whether to put up some decor up at home too. It’s so hard to decide what the best lights are, isn’t it? Fortunately, Pikmin got you covered: starting today, seedlings found at Appliance...

    Electrifying news: Fairy Lights Decor Pikmin and all new Electric Mushrooms!

    It's not a long blog post, but there's a lot to what they have to say. Recommend the click.

    A new "Fairy light" kind of pikmin (found at appliance stores), a new Electric Special Mushroom (for yellow pickmin), and an emphasized roll out period.

    Take all of that, and give everyone three bullhorns per day (for the duration), and I see a lot of activity kicking off. And I see mushroom recharges being bought across the world...

    I had been plateauing with my squad - this is a fun and unexpected addition. I'm jazzed.

    Note: the cute mittens and the old Winter Stickers are concurrent to much of this. I think I see extra steps in my future.

    What do y'all think? Like, dislike, wish was different??


    How are invites working for you?

    What I saw was an initial flurry of invites - usually special or large/giant. Then those kinds of mushrooms became more scarce and now invites are... 2 per day, at best. Some days I get no invites and see nothing worth inviting others to.

    How have things been for you or y'all?

    IGN: Clyde Barrow


    Its tomorrow somewhere...

    Any news on special pikmin or new challenges?


    Last Weekend for Giant Halloween Mushrooms

    Is anyone planning any big hits? Chained invites?

    I've seen good hits on Giants, but never anything close to a 4 star and I'd love to see that at least once.


    Mushroom Battle Invites, Thoughts?

    I rather enjoyed it. Invited others to one and I was invited to some others.

    It all seemed to work as planned and we got to do a team take down of mushrooms across the world.

    If there's anything I'd wish, it's that we could ensure teammates are situated to send a good squad. If they've already engaged a Normal Magic, their contribution when invited to a second will likely be... Less than awesome.

    I kept waiting for one to finish before joining the new invite and that worked okay. I just worried that I look disinterested when really I want to bring my harder hitting (best) team to the fray.

    What's been your experience and what do you think?


    Mushroom Battles with Friends

    I'm super excited to see this and I'm hoping there's no odd distance limitation. My friends span the globe and I'd love it, if this is a good way to get new and interesting postcards.

    It works be great to see mushrooms create opportunities to create friendships too. One thing at a time, I suppose.