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Police arrest LockBit ransomware members, release decryptor in global crackdown
  • Having the hood up gives you a temporary +2 boost to hacking

  • the day before tomorrow
  • I'm thinking it's that little pile in the lower left-hand corner of the frame

  • "Not reaching my potential" Fuck that line
  • I lived through that fucking decade and I think it has a lot to do with how fucked up I am today. The way my school district dealt with a kid that couldn't sit still was to lock them in a cinder block room with nothing but a desk and a pencil. They would keep you in there until you finished whatever assignment the teacher gave you.

    Then I was prescribed ritalin. I was ridiculously allergic to it and it gave me seizures. When I wasn't having seizures I was almost catatonic which the school liked, because it meant I stayed in my chair. The school tried their best to keep me on it even though my parents were VERY unsure about the whole seizures thing and negative effects on my personality. One day I asked my mom "If I do something bad when I'm on my medicine, do I go to hell?" (I have a very religious family) and that was the push they needed to take me off it.

    I haven't sought treatment or therapy since, because of that whole debacle. Every once in awhile I think about it, but it sends me in an anxiety/ptsd spiral and I chicken out.

    Hell, when I graduated, they would give you your permanent record along with your diploma on the stage. Everyone else's was super thin, but mine was three folders about three inches thick each. I didn't even look at it, just burned it out of shame. I'm sure it was full of "prime mover has a lot of potential" bullshit. I wish so bad that I could be normal, but I don't think I even got a ticket for that boat before it sailed.

    Sorry for the rant. Still pissed off at my school system, but not sure who to share that rage with. Fuck em all

  • The virgin linux loser vs the CHAD Windows Winner
  • This is the second anti Linux community I've heard of this person running, and now they're spamming Linux communities? What did Linus do to hurt them so bad

  • Viral videos of Tesla drivers using VR headsets prompt US government alarm
  • This guy definitely has a crypto wallet and a monkey jpeg

  • Dig through boggy ditches!!
  • Oh man I love Rob Froggie

  • If a question is downvoted on !nostupidquestions, is the question too stupid or was it not stupid enough?
  • Holy shit thank you. I'm always in the car or somewhere where you can't just casually look something like that up, and by the time I get home I forget. Also the whole feeling awkward about looking it up. It seems like one of those oddly specific things where you kinda have to already know what it is to ask about it (if that makes sense), so it seems suspicious to be asking questions about it

  • If a question is downvoted on !nostupidquestions, is the question too stupid or was it not stupid enough?
  • The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

    Every so often, Robert Evans from Behind the Bastards mentions this. I want to know what it is so badly, but also don't want that shit in my search history

  • Taylor Swift doesn’t belong to you
  • he’s “more popular” than the megastar

    [X] Doubt

  • What are some games you wouldn't play without mods?
  • SVE adds so much to the vanilla game that you could consider it an unofficial expansion rather than just a mod. I might say try vanilla first if canon is important to you and you want to experience the story without any non-official changes.

    If you don't care about any of that, definitely dive right into SVE. It has a personality all its own that blends nicely with the vanilla game. It adds tons of stuff (characters, new areas, events, etc) and takes a lot of creative liberties to flesh out the world and lore.

  • What are some games you wouldn't play without mods?
  • Stardew Valley. SVE adds so much that it's just not the same without it. There are a few other mods that I like to run too, like seasonal outfits or canon friendly dialog expansion. IDK what other mods I use because its been so long since I last played but those are a few of the big ones

  • Life hack
  • When people mention watercooling is this what they mean

  • The perfect vanity plate
  • Don't normally like vanity plates but this one definitely gets a pass

  • Can't even buy chicken in peace
  • Yeah just get it from the gas station like a normal person

  • Can't even buy chicken in peace
  • If I move too much the grease doesn't congeal the way I like it

  • 100% Official detailed description of Type-II phaser functions lifted from the Starfleet Technical Utilities Manual for new cadets
  • Oof. So You're not actually vaporized like a regular phaser, just sent to O'Brien's shadow realm

  • what did fedora mean by this
  • who want their Fedussy broke

  • There are big things happening with gnomes
  • Well, the "Independent Fact Checkers" claim that South American gnomes don't exist... I think they're trying to cover something up. Anyone want to book tickets with me so that we can see for ourselves?

  • Computer - One struggle meal.
  • Computer - One third of a burned frozen pizza, room temperature

  • Burlington Northern Combination Boxcars/Hoppers, Sept. 19 1992, M. J. Budo Photo

    Today's feature is another weird entry in railroad history, the Burlington Northern Boxhopper, or bopper! BN created these prototype cars in order to maximize the use of their rolling stock fleet. Normally, cars are sent out loaded, and returned empty. The aim of these was they could handle boxcar freight one way, and hopper goods on the way back (or vice versa). These cars had retractable floors that were hydraulically powered by a special power car. This way, they could convert between boxcar and hopper on the fly. Unfortunately these aluminum cars didn't work out, and most ended up scrapped. Three of the remaining cars and a power car were donated by the BNSF to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in 2002.

    More info:


    Follow-up to the DDA35 post, the DD35

    What you see here is one of three DD35 sample units that the espee ordered. Espee didn't order any others so I imagine these beasts were a rare sight in espee livery. These B-units (no control cab) came first, and the DD35A's were made later at UP's request. Like the A's none of these B units survived the scrapper's torch


    Something special for 60 subscribers! A hulking monstrosity of Union Pacific Power, the DDA35

    The DDA35 is a cab unit version of the DD35, built exclusively for the Union Pacific railroad. Only fifteen of these beasts were built between May and July of 1965, numbered 70 (pictured) through 84. Powered by twin 567D prime movers, these locomotives were good for 5000 horsepower each. Unfortunately, these locomotives suffered reliability issues (seems to be a common theme), and by the time those issues were ironed out, the writing was on the wall. Their inflexibility and economic downturns of the 70's-80's lead to all units being retired and eventually scrapped.


    CP Rail 8558, an MLW RS-10 (?) gets turned around on a chilly morning, 1966.

    I can't say for certain, as I'm terrible at identifying locomotives! But I'm pretty sure this is an MLW RS-10. Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) was a subsidiary of the American Locomotive Company (Alco), and produced locomotives primarily for the Canadian market. MLW operated from 1883 to 1985, before being sold to Bombadier Transportation and dissolved.


    EJ&E 704 (BLW DT-6-6-2000) sits alongside SD9 602 on an unknown evening, 1966

    The DT-6-6-2000 was Baldwin's offering for a diesel electric transfer switcher, initially powered by dual 606SC prime movers. This locomotive was mostly used by the EJ&E with them purchasing 27 of the 46 total built. These locomotives endured various rebuilds throughout their life with most being repowered with 567C prime movers. All but one have been scrapped with the remaining example preserved by the Illinois Railway Museum.