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Refuge from f u/spez.

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New York Times tech workers to strike over return-to-office rules
  • Get your new position first. The only FU email to send is they offered me more and work from home. I wish you luck in finding a good replacement and thank you for the opportunities this role gave me. And then stay silent. Any requests for help are met with an IC quote with a ridiculous hourly rate.

  • IRS will launch free online tax-filing pilot in 13 states next year
  • I’d say tell your legislator to give more money to the IRS, but “gestures at everything else happening”

    When republicans yell “starve the beast!” when talking about the USA government, what they really mean is kill the IRS. They will tell you it’s about reducing government spending, that’s a lie! They love overspending so they can reduce taxes for the billionaires

  • Israel's siege of Gaza is illegal, EU says
  • Not everything is about trade wars. All it takes is for the US to say they will not follow NATO security agreements and follow through with that, and if you think that is not possible you haven’t paid attention to the shit show over here. It’s a serious problem and we are not fixing the holes that appeared in recent years.

  • Evil women's anatomy
  • That example will fly way over the head of so many people.

    Here: you’re a male and like your penis and balls. They bring you great joy and are attached to your body. One day you go the doctor and discover you have cancer. They have to remove your cock and balls. No anesthesia, pain medicine, or councilors. No help or support from community because nobody celebrates the removal of joyful pleasure areas. Then, the doctors tell you that, “whoops! There was no cancer. Haha!”, and they tried to get your fun stick and hacky sacks back, but they were already insinerated.
    Now realize there is nothing and no one to help guide you through this loss into acceptance. You are alone in your misery.

  • The Supreme Court weighs whether South Carolina targeted Black voters in redistricting
  • Thomas is not for sale! No, really. He
    Is an honest to god piece of shit that would have voted the way he does regardless. He is always willing to take a thank you for being an ass. It’s not bribery if he was always gonna do it that way.

  • Israel's siege of Gaza is illegal, EU says
    1. What is the EU going to do without the US’s approval? UN is out due to permanent security member’s veto power. Going against the USA means loss of a lot of things. Some of them crucial. They literally cannot do a single thing without losing a major thing that directly impacts their citizens.
  • Study Reveals That 50% of the World’s Population Will Have a Mental Health Disorder by Age 75
  • Nope. Old people are the ones who vote in large enough population to elect people. The people who elected Trump suffer from lead poisoning thanks to being alive for the longest leaded gas period.

  • Health Experts Recommend Standing Up At Desk, Leaving Office, Never Coming Back
  • They had to change to a decent advice column now that everyone is posting satire, and bad satire at that. Once Trump made every ridiculous headline they ever wrote seem reasonable, it was time to change direction.

  • Introducing Proton CAPTCHA | Proton
  • Proton has opened sourced everything so far and I would expect them to do that here. They have whole pages written on why they open source everything and why that helps privacy.

  • Introducing Proton CAPTCHA | Proton
  • Sure, push a known malware free vpn service while bashing a service that is very well known and respected.

  • A Cuban teenager was offered a job doing 'construction work' in Russia. Instead he was sent to fight on the front lines in Ukraine.
  • It impossible to do anything to one of the permanent security council members. They can each veto anything the UN can do to them. So, your idea is not that bright. You can read about the Russia Ukraine thing here. . It’s an actual UN write up about your big idea.

  • Texas was state with most book bans in 2022, report shows
  • That’s Texas freedom for you.

  • Gun deaths among US kids continue to rise; Southern states have worst rates
  • 18-19 is still the teen years though. When we say teenager, we mean 13-19. We don’t asterisk 18-19. And when looking at the largest cause of death in cars they still go through 19 when doing comparisons like this, the data for the Journal of Pediatric medicine. And comparing the two groups, this is very true in 1-19 guns surpassed car deaths. But that doesn’t hold for each age in the group. Gun deaths in 1 year olds are exceedingly rare. You can parse it however you want but up through 19 as a whole has guns winning. Homicide by gun was up 66% in 0-4 group is just crazy. That is a group you do not expect to die by guns.

  • Updated Edge and it now seems to put a frame with rounded corners around every website
  • Have you ever looked at MS’s business plan over their lifetime? This is nothing new.

  • Florida man arrested after trying to cross Atlantic in hamster wheel vessel
  • This guy has a long history of doing things to completion. Ran the perimeter of USA, ran from LA to NYC after 9/11. Big cycling stuff. He is an actual world class athlete. I think he really wants to do this but lacks the finances and connections to have the support needed for such an expedition.

  • Mozilla review of 25 car brands finds they're "a privacy nightmare"
  • Damnit Bob, Firefox is still broken and we need that article on cars! Where do you think you are? Car and Driver?!? This is Mozilla, Bob! We have deadlines and if you can’t or won’t finish the editorial process while fixing the browser then you can move along to WaPo, or NYT, or Vanity Fair. Some rag outfit will take you if you cannot hack it as a hacker and investigational journalist for the MOZ!!

  • /kbin meta 1chemistdown

    Kbin Enhancement Suite (KES) now working on iOS

    Hi kbin users. @shazbot has been working on resolving iOS issues today, and I can tell you that it now works. I'm just a user and know nothing of the scripting these people are doing. I just understand plug and play, along with various settings of apps on my phone. So, for all iOS users you can now enjoy KES settings.

    Edit: Follow the directions to get Userscripts and KES here. Make sure to install Userscripts first, set its directory for storing scripts, and then when you open KES and see all the texts press the Aa and extension symbols on your safari url bar. Go to Userscripts and load that.

    27 Cleanup begins after asphalt binder spill into Montana's Yellowstone River after train derailment

    Witnesses report seeing globs of asphalt binder that spilled into Montana's Yellowstone River during a bridge collapse and train derailment on islands and the riverbanks a week after the spill.

    10 Theo Chocolate Will Close Its Factory and Lay Off 60 Employees

    The Fremont chocolate maker announced plans to merge with another candy company.

    /kbin meta 1chemistdown

    Is Kbin planning on federating with meta/Facebook when they introduce their new twitter like instance through activitypub?

    Is Kbin planning on federating with meta/Facebook when they introduce their new twitter like instance through activitypub?