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#SaveInvidious #SaveNewPipe Privacy is a human right, thank you Edward Snowden. I post my opinions on subjects wether people agree or not, if you want to disscuss than do so respectfully and ill do the same. Check out my sublemmy 10_0s basement.

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kinda rule for that
  • I knew he was a lizard

  • You rule know it, deep inside
  • It wasnt this way, that was until the Reddit API change attacked

  • vacuum rule

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Was going to say that it must have a low refresh rate, but I was wrong

  • Opinions on Snapchat

    Got Snapchat recently and want your opinion on it. Some things I like: public snaps that can keep you up to date and more aware of the world around you. Things I don't like: 24/7 friend locations, from the fact that anyone knows where you are and that Snapchat will sell your location data to advertisers. Would also like to know more about etiquette on the app.

  • Be Gay Do War Crimes

  • How To Marbrule
  • Oh so its not official names? I loved having a marble run when I was a kid, I still remember how towering it was and how fun it was to watch the marbles roll down with that rolling, whuring sound

  • How To Marbrule
  • They have names?

  • one project rule
  • Loss?

  • Do you know any mobile games that don't suck?
  • Clash of clans (if you can be patient) games from f-droid

  • Will we ever know why the shooter shot Trump?
  • Because it was the most convenient person to murder: hole is security, piss easy access to a rifle, nothing left to lose. Do you honestly think that someone with a life worth living would risk it like that? Legal Eagle did a good video explaining the shooting. (

  • What is the most neatest Open Source smartwatch?
  • PineTime is everything Foss but is only for simple stuff (notifications, time, media control, pedometer, stop watch.) Had mine for a couple of years now and it still gets updated 👍

  • How do you inform yourself on topics which don't belong to your field of expertise?
  • YouTube, Wikipedia, and asking people I know about it. Send emails and make phone calls to people who might know.

  • Follow me for more deep political analysis
  • I love how the american presidential caniates are so restrictive that people would consider Hitler as a candidate 😂

  • Ucas plans to drop personal statements for UK university applicants
  • Wow an actually useful chat bot

  • Straight facts rule
  • "Master shake"

  • Just A Light Dessert Rule
  • Worth (I am fat)

  • oneteen onety one
  • One thousand one hundred and eleven not eleven, not eleven hundred eleven. Op needs to learn how to say larger numbers

  • Wha..?
  • Ai be like

  • rule
  • Solution, zoom back in, ignore social media and its negitivity, if you have a cause, fight for it, other than that... filter so you don't go mad or get your time taken advantage of by rage bait around every corner.

  • Opions on buying a used Flip 3 5g?

    What's your opinions for buying a used flip3 from places like amazon or CEX, judging from reviews the biggest worry is that the screen will breaking less than a year of second hand use.


    Urban dictionary is more useful than the dictionary


    Opinions and help with Misskey

    Wanted to make an account on a JP/en server but I don't think misskey will allow sign up with a protonmail email, can anyone help me with the sign up.

    What's your opinion on misskey and how does it differ from Lemmy as a fediverse social media project?


    Return of the PineTime

    Two years ago my PineTime Smart Watch bricked and bootlooped with no hope in sight for recovery. And a few mere minutes ago I revived it from its long slumber we call death. But it was in fact! Just hibernating waiting for its time to live once again!

    A post on the PineTime reddit from two weeks ago, in which a user encountered the same problem as me asked how to fix it... Unpair Bluetooth and reflash firmware.

    So simple yet so hard, nearly eight months of hibernation, and all I had to do was reflash the firmware.

    So is life.


    New Meme Format Dropped

    Blank section for something that makes you happy.


    Week 3 of Ringtons Haul

    Today's haul is: Belgium Chocolate with Liquor, the Liquors are three of: amaretto, rhum, paire Williams, whisky, congnae, and Cointreau. The Paire Williams tastes like bleachy whisky. Caramel wafers as usual, Marshmallow snowballs as usual, decaf tea, sultana cookies, toffees, tea and date and walnut cake.


    Me After Holding the Door open for a woman


    Lego Orchid Botanical Collection 3/5

    Just finished making this at 1:00am, took me 2 hours to finish and I'm really proud it looks amazing. It came with unique pieces; the small flowers, and the big flowers have frogs in the middle of them lmao. The brown Lego at the bottom is dead dried wood and the leaves fill out the orchid really nicely. Only 33£ on sale. Overall 10/10 just need to get the Succulent and The Bird of Paradise to finish the full set.

    Goodnight all!


    Dave has arrived say hello


    Ringtons Haul Week 2

    This weeks Ringtons haul is Crumbly Mints, White Chocolate and Lemon Cookies, Toffees in the TeaMobile, Milk Chocolate Turkish Delight, and Caramel Wafers.


    Could you Crash PipedBot

    Could it crash if enough accounts post links that need converting? Either if enough people started spamming links or someone got a bot to make posts.


    Ringtons Haul

    The Ringtons man came today and this is the haul I got, a candle, chocolate tiffin, chocolate mints, and wine gums. I thought the tiffin was gonna be like nougat but it wasn't at all, it was alot closer to a firm chocolate brownie. The candle smells nice but I couldn't tell you what flavor it is.

    Going to post make a post about my Homebrewed Switch soon so stay around for it. Also going to do more Rington hauls trying out their different stuff and giving it a rating. Just some good content in general.


    Has Anyone Heard About This?

    So I'm scrolling through All New and on these memes I'm seeing comments saying stuff like "I see xyz company advertising on Lemmy" even though there's little to no brand indication on the post. (Other that some kind of German meat + beans, but even then no brand came to mind for me) If this AI company driven advertising is real on Lemmy what are the admins doing to prevent this from happening?


    Sekonda Pocket Watch

    I got this Pocket Watch from a older relative of mine whom passed away and gave it to me a few years ago, and I’ve not really used it until yesterday and I’ve been looking into pocket watches in general and looking into getting a cheaper watch for my edc. (I know I’ve got my phone to check time but it’s cool and adds to your look) And I think it would work really well with jeans as they still have the dedicated pocket to hold watches.

    It’s a Sekonda mechanical pocket watch with the front decal being a bird perched on a branch with the open sky and forest canopy in the background, and the back decal being flat with pine cones and pine leafs with a border of smooth silver.

    You have to wind it up and manually set it when the ticking stops. You can also hear the ticking like in a grandfather clock and it has a smooth motion of the minute and hour hands with tiny little ticking with the second hand.

    I think it was manufactured during the time of the USSR (pre-1990) in the USSR by Sekonda a British watch company, but I don’t have the history of it other than my relative who got it as a gift from another of my relatives.

    Sorry for not posting the last few months jerboa doesn't like it when I try to upload any pictures so I'll be posting from Voyager but scrolling on jerboa because its just better suited for this role and yes I did borrow a better camera to take that picture.

    Edit: also a good figet toy


    Pocket Watch Recommendations

    Preferably a mechanical or quartz pocket watch with a nature engraving or something similar.


    Your Opinion of Voyager for Lemmy?

    The one on f-droid by Alexander Harding, how does it square up against other mobile apps?


    Alternatives to Google Lens

    Seems like a extremely useful tool, just needs to not be Google, any alt recommendations welcome!


    The Best Thread on Lemmy 🤣🤣

    Am I posting this because Jerboa won't let me post pictures from my camera roll, yes I am, still a better app than Reddits Official app.

    Lemmy Support 10_0

    Getting this error when trying to upload an image from my camera roll

    What does it mean? I've logged out and in, uninstalled and reinstalled, tried using the website on my PC. Funny how it works for a screenshot but not a picture from my camera roll.