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Really odd thing happened last night

Curious if I'm overthinking things or if this might actually be possible. I got out of detox yesterday and the experience was... Bad this time around. I was really triggered by my treatment by the staff and wanted to drink so badly. I didn't, but I did meet up with a few friends and have a few near beers. 3 over the course of 4 hours. By my calculation, that should be 0.18oz of alcohol max, if the brewery is to be believed.

They were Athletic, which is a pretty trusted brand. I didn't feel intoxication at all. It just helped with the cravings and stuff.

About 4 hours after my last one though, I could swear I had pretty bad withdrawal symptoms for about an hour and a half. Cold sweats, intense nausea, severe anxiety - granted I always have anxiety lingering around. No tremors thankfully, and it passed.

The only other idea I had was food poisoning from getting non hospital food, but I've never heard of food poisoning lasting that shortly.

Thoughts? Either way I'm staying away from the near beer for at least a week.