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Self-Hosting Email - Software Recommendations?

I'm going to start off but saying I know that self-hosting email can be a bad idea. That being said, I'm trying to de-googlfy my life and would like to experiment.

I have a VPS and a domain that doesn't get used for much at the moment. I'd like to try configuring a full mail suite on that domain and see if I can make it work. I've been looking into the various options on this list and was hoping for some feed back on options that people have used. If this works out it would be fairly low volume.

Ideally I'd like a full solution that includes web administration if at all possible. I think I'm leaning towards mailcow but it might be overkill.

I'd appreciate any input on what has or hasn't worked for people. Thanks.


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  • I also have a small domain that is relatively low traffic. A lot of the "all in one" software on the list you linked looks pretty cool, I can't deny.

    What I found is that I make very few changes. I used to add mailbox aliases fairly often, but the fact is there are only two users and enabling the "+" syntax in addresses put a stop to me needing to make new aliases when I wanted a new address.

    I just don't feel like I need a management interface. Because of this I've just sort of frankensteined my own setup together and I love it. It operates how I expect it to, and enforces the standards I care about to the extent that I desire (e.g. which SPF result codes am I ok accepting?).

    • Postfix as SMTP/Submission server. I chose to go w/PAM based for outbound SMTP auth.
    • Courier for IMAPS
    • Dovecot for LDA (sieve is delightful)
    • Snappymail for webmail (served by apache httpd)