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Do you guys know about soulseek

I just found out about it the other day. Its literally p2p file sharing. You can let people visit designated directories on your local file system and go visit theirs. Its fast and personable. They even have an AOL IM thing going on. I found out about it because they've got a lot of music and its relatively difficult to find good music torrents. I thought it was basically transmission or another torrent client, but its totally different. Linux Mint has the FOSS client Nicotine+ in their repository. The whole process was quick and easy. Find me there under the same user name.


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  • Do you know what, if anything it has over alternatives like fopnu or darkmx?

    I could hit the websites and do a side by side feature list I guess, but I'd like a perspective on the experience. Easier/harder to find things, more/fewer peers, some particular chat feature you love/hate etc.

    • Never heard of these platforms. Did you work out how they compare? For me the draw of slsk is finding almost anything, including very obscure music, because of its dedicated userbase of filehoarders. Do you think the other platforms could offer that? I always like knowing of alternatives

      • I have not bothered to give soulseek a shit yet, sorry ;p I will say that what mentioned are more general content than music specific.