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Welcome to HorrorLit!

Hello everybody, I created this community a few days ago, as a big fan of r/horrorlit on reddit. And then my AC broke, and then a storm came through and killed power for my entire area, so I've been a little preoccupied.

I apologize, as I do want to be active in this community and see it grow. If you know anybody who is a fan of horror books, tell them to stop on by! Suggestions, reviews, discussions, and anything else you can think of are allowed here, as long as it's about horror books/stories/etc., and you're not toxic.

I've never been a mod for a community before, so bear with me as I learn. Also, if anybody wants to join as a mod, let me know, I'd appreciate the help!

To start things off, I want to know your favorite subgenre of horror. Personally, cosmic/strange horror with a heavy dose of comedy is right up my alley.

Thanks for reading my rambling, and I hope this community keeps growing!


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