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recommendations for personal and family password management?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but recommendations for personal and family password management?

I finally switched to Firefox on my phone, because Chrome "privacy". And then when trying to find out how enable password storage, I accidentally set up Microsoft Authenticator as password management phone-wide. Realizing this meant cross-app password management, I finally accepted that my old approach of politely ignoring the problem and manually memorizing algorithmic passwords is no longer tenable. I honestly would prefer the anti-privacy approach where every service just uses oAuth and only one provider has my password, but we're not there today, so time to learn the new tech.

So basically, what's the current OSS best-practice for a one-stop-shop password management software? I know "OSS" and "big safe cloud storage provider" are kind of oxymoronic, but imho encrypted-cloud-storage is the best tradeoff between security and convenience.

And, ideally, something I could get my kids onto as well and manage some shared family-PWs as well, since I assume their password management strategies are either "reset every time" or "just use the same PW everywhere and it's a ticking time-bomb".