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Japan has a plan for more babies. /2023/06/24/1182457365/japan-low-birthrate-akashi-success-story

"severe gender inequality" You don't say....

  • On a national level, the Japanese government aims to combat the declining birthrate by doubling child care spending, offering more support for higher education and medical care for children with disabilities. However, the plan has been met with skepticism due to the lack of clear funding sources and decades of unsuccessful attempts to increase births. Cultural factors, including gender inequality and a preference for affluence over having children, contribute to Japan's low birthrate.

    This will likely work but it won't be enough. But if Japan wants to promote socialist policies then I'm all for it. I don't want more people, but making things easier for people to have children is one way to make that happen. They still aren't able to spend away climate change, or the relatively bleak looking future.

    • I wonder if it is too late. They don't like immigration as an option and if people started to hold off on children after the 90's bubble popped then the hump of the population is likely not even in the child bearing age range anymore.