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Having some trouble making image posts

When I try to upload images to Lemmy, then I get a message that says something like...

'Syntax Error: JSON code, unable to parse, error on line 1'

That's not an exact quote, but is this a known error, or do I need to use some particular filetype, disable my privacy plugin? I'm not that technologically proficient.


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  • Check to make sure the file size is below 5mb. Last time I talked with @Wander on this, it was sorta agreed 5mb was a good file size to accept since most images out their are below that size.

    Jpg and png files will upload just fine.

    Gifs will upload but they get converted to an MP4. I'm not sure about the exact file size with it exactly it probably is at that same standard to require the gif be below 5mb.

    • I'm afraid that I've checked, and the biggest thing I've tried to upload is a 1.20 MB image, in the .PNG format. The problem must be something else.

      • Are you using the website or an app? If an app, which one and what OS? IOS or Android?

        • Website, on PC.

          OS... I think this is Windows 10? Came with the laptop.

          • I don't think their is anything wrong with the website from an upload I just did. Images are uploading without a problem from the website. Try and find another image to test with and see if it can upload.

            If the other image uploads, it means their could be something wrong with that PNG itself.

    • Actually it's set at 25 MB now. Is it a gif? You might still have problems with gifs.