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Mozilla hit with lawsuit from former Chief Product Officer

In September 2023, Steve Teixeira was the respected and successful Chief Product Officer of Mozilla Corporation and poised to become Mozilla Corporation’s next CEO. But on October 3, 2023, he was diagnosed with ocular melanoma and soon went on a 90 day medical leave for treatment. Immediately upon his return, Mozilla campaigned to demote or terminate Mr. Teixeira citing groundless concerns and assumptions about his capabilities as an individual living with cancer. Interim Chief Executive Officer Laura Chambers and Chief People Officer Dani Chehak were clear with Mr. Teixeira: he could not continue as Chief Product Officer and could not continue as a Mozilia employee in any capacity beyond 2024—because of his diagnosis. When Mr. Teixeira opposed this discriminatory action, Mozilla responded by unilaterally placing him on indefinite administrative leave, effectively disappearing both Mr. Teixeira and his complaints of discrimination. Mozilla has discriminated and retaliated against Mr. Teixeira in violation of the Washington Law Against Discrimination. Mozilla has also unlawfully shared his personal health information, and unlawfully sought to gag his speech about illegal discrimination and retaliation.


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