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What jobs were you horrified to learn are done by people with little to no experience or training?

Mine is fresh highschool graduates getting 2 weeks of training to go work acute, all-male forensic psychiatry. We're taking criminally insane men who are unsafe to put on a unit with criminally insane women.

...and they would send fresh high school graduates (often girls because hospitals in general tend to be female-dominated) in the yoga pants and club makeup they think are proffessional because they literally have 0 previous work experience to sit suicide watch for criminally insane rapists who said they were suicidal because they knew they would send some 18y/o who doesn't know any better to sit with them. It went about how you would expect the hundreds of times I watched it happen.

My favorite float technician was the 60 year old guy who was super gassy and looked like an off-season Santa. Everybody hated that guy because they said he was super lazy but he would sit suicide watch all fucking shift without complaining and he almost never failed to dissapoint a sex pest who thought they were gonna get some eye candy (or worse).

What's your example?


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