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YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie

Lead Lemmy Developer, Dessalines, denying the Tiananmen Square Massacre and praising the Uyghur Genocide

Dessalines AKA "parentis_shotgun" on Reddit, is the main Lemmy dev, also the admin of and

Their post and discussions on Reddit (archive as the original post must have been removed):

Please join the discussions for tankie censorship problem:

And the discussions for finding/creating alternative communities on other instances:

What is a tankie?

Tankie is a pejorative label generally applied to authoritarian communists, especially those who support acts of repression by such regimes or their allies. More specifically, the term has been applied to those who express support for one-party Marxist–Leninist socialist republics, whether contemporary or historical.


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  • Good thing that Lemmy is an open source federation, then. It's not like Spaz on Reddit, where one dude can ruin the whole damn thing for everyone with a few bad choices.

    • You mean u/Spez, the former moderator of r/jailbait, who reduced mod transparency on all subreddits including porn reddits? Wonder why he needed to hide who the mods were after that scandal.

      Also, fyi, to post adult content on most adult subreddits, you have to verify. The way reddit does this process is creepy to say the least, (OnlyFans at least requires an ID to verify your age) along with how they delete smaller porn subreddits that do not have those rules, including porn subreddits that are explicitly moderated by the content creators themselves. It's like porn pimping on reddit. It's genuinely very creepy especially if you believe the conspiracy that Ghilisaine Maxwell was an active subreddit poster on r/news. And if Spez or his alts are moderators on most of the big porn subs, then likely he is seeing hundreds if not thousands of images (some may be of minors bc of the way they do verification) daily through the verification process. That's- creepy. Like really creepy. Lemmy is better.