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TIL states that passed laws allowing a married person to seek a divorce without the consent of their spouse saw female suicide decline by 20 percent


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  • Disfunction isn't the only scale though - people break up for all sorts of reasons. It can be just as simple as "I'm not in love with you" or "I found someone else" - or just the fact their lives suck and they expected a partner or kids to make it better

    Ultimately, when you communicate to the public, nuance doesn't get across. You can't say "the COVID vaccine is right for everyone, unless you have certain allergy or autoimmune disorders". People hear what they want to hear and will latch onto additional detail - the best you can do is distill a message

    For another example, we signal "daily flossing is inversely correlated with heart disease". People who practice hygiene to that level are probably a lot more health conscious, and we've never proven a casual relationship - but putting the thought out there does more good than harm

    I'm not familiar with the guy so maybe there's more not mentioned in this thread that would change my mind, but the core message itself is solid - staying together is better for kids. That's true for most people, and thinking divorce won't impact your kids is nonsense (ask anyone who grew up through that). That should be part of the mental calculus in people's heads

    If you need professional help, they can deliver the nuance - that's another public health messaging "see a therapist if you're having problems". You can't get into how some therapists suck and how getting the right match is critical, but most people would benefit from the idea seeking therapy is just self care