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Android 15 is on the way. And it's pretty bad

Sorry for a kinda clickbait title but it is what it is. I just watched a video about Android 15 changes and a lot of them are either not important or straight up bad.

I want to specifically mention increased background sensor usage (such as microphone) and the Find My Device network. These are serious privacy issues that just make lives of custom ROM developers and users harder by having to disable more and more stuff (that's turned on by default of course), as well as a contribution to ewaste generation and general decrease of battery life.

I guess we are getting into the era of complete death of digital privacy and absolute surveillance. This is scary but not too unrealistic I guess. I just hope the devs of privacy-focused ROMs will be able to do something about it and purge these changes.


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  • When the Find My Device network came to my device I was literally asked if I want my device to be part of it, so even though by default it's an opt-out feature, everyone whose device can be connected to the network is asked if they want that to happen.

    Seems like it's just another switch toflick off and forget about