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Is a $25,000 Electric Car Even Possible? - YouTube


This video discusses the possibility of a $25,000 brand new electric car. The speaker, Marques Brownlee, argues that this might be difficult to achieve due to the high cost of batteries, a key component of electric vehicles.

The video starts with the dream of many electric car fans: a brand new electric car for $25,000. This would make electric vehicles affordable for most people. However, the speaker points out that batteries are the most expensive part of an electric car. So, in order to bring the price down, manufacturers would need to find ways to cut battery costs.

One way to achieve a lower price point would be to make a smaller car with a shorter driving range. The speaker discusses the Tesla Model 3 as an example of a currently affordable electric car, albeit at a price point above $30,000. Other options on the market right now, like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt, are all priced around $40,000.

The speaker then goes on to discuss the Fiat 500e, a new electric car with a starting price of $32,000 and a driving range of 140 miles. While he likes the design of the car, he acknowledges that the interior feels cheap due to the cost-cutting measures taken by Fiat. This is because making a car cheaper often means using less expensive materials.

The speaker concludes the video by posing the question of whether a $25,000 electric car with good range will ever be possible. He acknowledges that battery technology is constantly improving and getting cheaper, but he also believes that inflation will likely push the price point up over time. The video ends with the speaker asking the audience their thoughts on the possibility of a $25,000 electric car.


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