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Me at age six, at Star Trek: The Experience

Here is me at Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Hilton. This was 1997 (spring or summer). I got to go on The Klingon Encounter (which may have been the only ride-type attraction at the time). The line to enter was lined with status of Borg (First Contact had just come out the previous November).

This is a memory that I hold dear. It made a huge impact on me. Getting to see a recreation of the Enterprise-D bridge, go on a turbolift, use a transporter (just a rotating wall and lights) and the shuttlecraft (think Star Tours) was so awesome. My mom remembers when we were on the transporter pad, having her hand on my chest and feeling my heart rate increase.

The whole attraction was a mix of video featuring TNG cast and live actors.


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