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Europeans, what is your favorite European capital?

Just coming back from Madrid, it was really nice. Wide pedestrian streets, beautiful buildings, nice terraces and amazing food.

I guess being Belgian I always have some negativity towards capital city (Brussels gave its name to the phenomenon of lack of urban planning leading to ugliness, bruxellisation), but this made me reconsider this.

So, dear Europeans, what is your favorite capital?


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  • Prague but only when its not 40°C its beautiful and the people are nice. Only downside is that some shops will scam tourists, but thats normal nowadays sadly. Its best to eat and shop in the areas where the locals are as well.

    • Prague seems nice, I've done Budapest and Vienna, one day I'll go!

      When you say scam, do you mean that prices are just very high, or is it nastier?

      • By scams i mean 2 liters of water in a bottle for around 20€ (in a store), a specific location (the "restaurant" near the Vltava River Boat Trips Anchor place where a glas of lemonade (literally just water and Lemmon juice) was around 19€ they try to do that because the Czech money is 1€=25CZK and most people don't have a feel for that.

        Look at the Google maps ratings before going somewhere.