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Some websites are nearly impossible to use in FF due to slow performance

This has been bothering me long enough that I figured I'd check to see if anyone else is having the same issue, and more importantly, if there's a fix.

Some websites, like Google Earth or various weather radar sites get so slow that they are unusable in Firefox.

When I load the same sites in Edge, it's blazing fast, as I'd expect.

Even Librewolf chugs on these sites.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: First, thanks for all the input, guys.

I wanted to say that I've tried a fresh FF profile, and the same slowness happens in Google Earth.

I also confirmed that hardware acceleration is enabled.

This problem isn't on all websites. For example, playing actually gives a higher framerate on FF than it does on Edge. So it seems to be that certain websites just suck ass.

Some of you have said that Google Earth on FF works perfectly fine... on linux. At least it seems not to be a FF problem. LOL

EDIT: Opera browser is just as smooth as Edge with G Earth.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION?? Ok, so even though I was able to confirm that hardware acceleration was enabled, and the GPU was active while using FF, and the about:support showed that webrender was enabled, I noticed that on about:config the gfx.webrender.all setting was set to false.

So, I enabled it, and tried again. Google Earth seems much smoother (not as good as edge, but better than before), and Tube Archivist no longer seems to freeze while a video is being played.

Could this be the reason for my issues? If so, why was this option set to false by default?


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