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Danny DeVito Says ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Season 17 Will Be ‘Going Again’ in September, and the First 16 Were Too ‘Tame’

“Now we can ruffle a few feathers, rattle a few cages, you know, shoot some fireworks,” DeVito said of Season 17, which, judging by past It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode plot lines, could be a show-by-show description rather than a slew of idioms.

When asked what his favorite part of being on It's Always Sunny for two decades has been, DeVito answered, “We love each other, and we have a fun time being together,” then understating, “The season goes by too fast, we do eight shows or something like that in a season, it’s over before you now it, and we have fun every day. It’s really cool.”