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    A woman accused police officers in Santa Fe, Texas, of holding her face down in a pile of fire ants, leaving bite marks all over her head and chest.

    The suit said a second officer arrived at the scene, slammed Rogers to the ground and handcuffed her "so tight that the handcuffs cut into her skin."

    "This lawsuit is brought to prevent this from ever happening again in the future because no officer should hold a citizen down in a pile of fire ants after they have already been detained/seized," the complaint said.

    At a news conference Saturday, Rogers said her arrest "underscores a significant issue: the absence of empathy and human compassion among some individuals in law enforcement."

    Ruben Espinoza, the police chief for the Santa Fe Independent School District, told NBC affiliate KPRC of Houston that the video does not tell the full story of what happened.

    Espinoza acknowledged that Rogers did yell about ants, but he told KPRC that she was lifted from the ground seconds after she alerted the officers to the insects.

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