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Daily Discussion - 15 May 2024

Use this thread for general daily football discussion.

This thread can also be used to discuss Transfer rumours and to post Tier 4 sources.


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  • So how much income do we get for staying in CL and what can we purchase with it?

    • Not sure how accurate, but I read an article that said we'd earned roughly €93m (£80m).

      Not sure how accurate it is, but the money is gained from a combination of these, apparently:

      • Participation fee
      • Prize money
      • UEFA coefficient
      • TV pool

      It goes into depth and breaks down each part. I just skimmed through, but this is the site if you were more focused than I xD.

      As for how we spend it, I don't know... I think we definitely need more depth. I think cover for Saka would be good. I'm not sure about a striker, but I've felt we've been quite one dimensional up for a long time. I was hoping Eddie could be a difference maker, but I think a combination of Arteta's tactics and Eddie being relatively young and not as refined hasn't helped.

      • I think Eddie has succumbed to the same problem that Sambi did and that Zinchenko might soon: the team progressed faster than he could

        • I've seen the word trust used a lot when people speak about who Arteta prefers to play and there has to be some merit to it. I think you're also right. The way we play feels like it's moved beyond what roles they may have been expected to play.

          One of the prices of success, I guess. You look at how ruthless City are at times when selling/moving on players that go against the grain, like Cancelo. One of the best fullbacks in Europe one season and is sent on loan the next.

          • Cancelo had a falling out with Pep, no?

            • I believe so. At least from my understanding.

              I was more pointing out that the whole is more than the sum of its parts and tough decisions need to be made regardless of who it may be.

      • If we can, we should just transition Jesus as Saka coverage, but his health is not reliable.

        • Unless we get a sizeable price for him, I think we should keep him for now. But availability is a big point of contention. Same as Zinny, Partey and possibly Tomiyasu