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[Video][Breaking Points] Hillary Clinton Says Protestors Don't "Know the History"


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  • i really wish she would shut up

    • Nah, the more public statements made by people supporting a genocide, the more history will condem them, and the more ammo for the ICC.

      When someone tells you who they are, listen. And write it down.

    • We all really wish she would shut up, but she's also the avatar of neoliberalism so in a way we need her around to remind us specifically of what we want to avoid. She's the England of humans.

      • she doesn't need to keep talking and turding things up for people to remember that she exists

        • But every time she talks dems lose supporters and that's really really funny

          • oh, look, a someone who claims to like coMMuNiSm but cheers on obvious authoritarianism and fascism...

            nice work, "comrade" lmao