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Daily Discussion - 14 May 2024

Use this thread for general daily football discussion.

This thread can also be used to discuss Transfer rumours and to post Tier 4 sources.


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    [Alasdair Gold] Postecoglou is fuming: "The foundations are really fragile. The last 48 hours have shown me that. It's inside the club, outside the club." He then spoke about changing the mentality around the club and making changes.

    • You gotta feel for Ange. He actually wants to do a proper job and you got this culture inside and out. Mourinho is 100% correct about Spurs.

      • I think he's gonna end up resigning at some point. How do you manage a team like them? I feel like it's genuinely not gonna change unless they straight up get relegated. When you can be happy with losing a game, you've no longer got a football club.