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Customer who filed complaint against TD Bank refuses to sign gag order to get compensation /news/gopublic/banks-nda-non-disclosure-1.7200881

Guanghu Cui was poring over his TD Bank statements in March, preparing to pay taxes for his small immigration consulting firm in Oakville, Ont., when he noticed a $1.50 fee for sending an e-transfer.

It was surprising, because when he'd opened his business account three years ago, his financial adviser told him the plan included five free transactions a month and he'd never exceeded that number.

Cui complained and eventually TD said it would reimburse him for the fees and compensate him for his "frustration and inconvenience."

But when the paperwork arrived for Cui to sign, it included a condition saying he must "keep it confidential." While he could speak about the dispute, he would not be allowed to tell anyone that TD had offered compensation.

Cui emailed TD to say he wouldn't take the offer if the bank didn't drop the gag order.

"I was told the offer is final and there's no room for negotiation… take it or leave it," said Cui. "That is just unfair. And that is unethical."


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