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Mr Nice Guy $1 Community Fee

Anyone else on the west coast see this community fee at every transaction at Mr Nice Guy? It's so weird! I called and confirmed it was every store, starting a few days ago. The workers all seem upset. I did get an email to contact their main managers but am thinking I may call my state's weed commission instead.

It's mandatory even if you're buying a joint for $3 in cash. That's a 33% "fee." It's mandatory even if you're a medical marijuana user (who usually don't pay tax). It also just seems like tax evasion? They said they have to do the community fee or else raise prices on their weed - ok, then raise prices?

Are they going broke or out of business or something? It's just so so weird to go to a store and be forced to pay an additional "fee" for nothing like that. And it sounds like a donation (almost like a local food pantry or St Jude's donation) but it's part of their business. It's weird af