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Daily Discussion - 11 May 2024

Use this thread for general daily football discussion.

This thread can also be used to discuss Transfer rumours and to post Tier 4 sources.


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  • Let's just enjoy the last two games...we really shot ourselves in the foot with the Fulham matches and the Villa matches. We just have to shove 8 each down their throats next season 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • We did, I can't argue against that. But Manchester City haven't lost since last year...

      If it wasn't for them, we could have had maybe 1 or 2 trophies. Imagine how many Liverpool could have had...

      • Until the EPL actually does something or Pep get bored and leaves...🤷🏻‍♀️

        • yknow any fucking party could probably win an election by just saying "We will actually deal with Manchester City".

        • You'd think he'd be sick of it already, but he's like a fruit fly that won't fuck off. You can spray them, swat them, yell at them, but they're still there...

          • Tbf he has a cushy job, who'd want to leave if things haven't gone tits up yet? I wish he'd find another challenge but I think he's basically done with completing his quests.

            I do wonder if someone else came in could their results be replicated?

            • Yeah, don't blame him on that front, tbh. Isn't that what most of us want in life?

              I honestly don't know and it's an interesting question. You could argue that Manager X could be consistent, but possibly drop more points. Then, over time, as they bring in more of "their" players, there's a shift and they drop down in the league rankings.

              I think the only club that managed to maintain some modicum of success under similar circumstances over multiple managers was Chelskie. The exception being that City are actually run professionally (although allegedly corruptly) and the other was to keep throwing shit at the wall until something stuck. Fucking Chelsea...