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who is on Lemmy (the sociology of Lemmy)

I dont know if this has been asked before or if this may be a little goofy of a question but I didn't see anything relating to it and I'm kinda curious what the culture of Lemmy is like and what sort of common things people see. ive been paying attention to interactions but nothing is as good as just asking everyone.


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  • Since lemmy is decentralized, the demographics are going to vary greatly depending on the instance. You’d have to create a pretty generalized poll and then post to most of the major instances to get anything close to even a general read.

    • This is true.

    • at first I wasnt picturing how that would work exactly but then I realized you are a bit locked down into your own communities a bit unless you intentionally explore other areas or mainly look at the everything section

      • Not so much. One has the freedom to explore and subscribe and participate in communities across the lemmyverse (mostly) regardless of what one’s home instance is.

        However, one’s home instance often has quite the influence on one’s… perspective and one’s exposure— even one’s intended exposure.

        For example, one will probably have a notably different experience if one starts from vs (or even vs Or, especially And that experience may color how one views how one experiences external communities.

        My point is that it’s mor complex and nuanced than you’re giving it credit for.